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What's Hot For 2014?

2013 in the world of fitness saw a rise in personal training qualifications, group workouts and the emergence of a number of specialist fitness trends. As sedentary lifestyles are being tackled once and for all, the demand for Personal Trainers continues to increase to help in shaping the nation. The number of individuals embarking on a career as a personal trainer or fitness coach is predicted to rise by 31.7% in 2020. This means that those in the industry must remain up to speed on what's happening around them, and the opportunities these present, in order to stay ahead of the game in the ever-changing fitness arena. So what looks hot for 2014? The top fitness trends predicted for the year ahead… High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Short bursts of activity followed by a short period of rest or recovery, HIIT jumps to the top of this year’s list in the Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends. A no-nonsense approach for fitness fanatics, opening up strategic coaching opportunities for Personal Trainers. Educated and Experienced Fitness Professionals Diluting the high number of unqualified fitness professionals currently competing within the fitness field, educated, qualified, and experienced fitness professionals (like our Focus students!) will come to the forefront. Fitness professionals will seek to study with reputable, industry-accredited course providers in order to gain the knowledge they need to succeed. Strength Training Incorporating strength training remains an essential part of a complete physical activity program for all physical activity levels and genders. No longer restricted to bodybuilding, most people now integrate some form of weight training into their routine to improve or maintain muscle strength. Exercise and Weight Loss In addition to nutrition, exercise is a key component of a proper weight loss program. Health and fitness professionals who provide weight loss programs are increasingly incorporating regular exercise and calorie restriction for better weight control in their clients. The increase in demand for weight loss programmes will provide wider opportunities for weight management coaches and nutritionists. Personal Training More and more students are preparing themselves for careers within health-related fields such as personal training, physiotherapy and fitness coaching. Education, training and recognised credentials for Personal Trainers have become increasingly important to the health and fitness facilities that will employ them. Fitness Programs for Older Adults With the increase in the number of older adults keen to stay healthy and active, comes great opportunity for the Personal Trainers developing their own skills to create age-appropriate fitness programs for these niche clients. Group Personal Training In challenging economic times, many personal trainers are offering more group training options. Training two or three people at a time makes economic sense for both the trainer and the clients. Prevention of Childhood Obesity Childhood and adolescent obesity continues to be a major health issue in most developed and developing nations and it's becoming increasingly important to address because of its association with other medical problems such as diabetes and hypertension. The health and fitness industry is beginning to recognize this chronic health issue and start new programs targeted specifically at these children. There will be great opportunities for fitness professionals qualified in coaching kids fitness. Outdoor Training There is a trend for health and fitness professionals to offer more Outdoor Activities to their clients. Outdoor Training often includes walking, cycling and outdoor aerobics but Personal Trainers are extending their creativity to include canoeing kayaking, and adventure programs such as overnight camping trips.

With such a wide variety of fitness trends moving into the arena, there are numerous opportunities for fitness professionals to add specialist strings to their bow in order to cater for clients in these niche fitness areas.

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