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What is Takes to be a Successful Personal Trainer

With the fitness industry growing, there are now more options for Personal Trainers and other fitness professionals to set themselves apart from the rest. This opens massive opportunities for professionals, but it can also lead to confusion when it comes to what really lets employers and clients know that you are a quality trainer. We have outlined some of the things that we, as fitness professionals, believe it takes to be a successful Personal Trainer. In a busy industry, there has never been a better time to get advice from experienced trainers to fuel your career progression.

Be Approachable

In the 'epidemic of inactivity' that we find ourselves in, it is now even more important to make sure you and your training are as approachable as possible. This is down to there being an increased need to make fitness approachable and appealing not just for the younger portion of the public, but also the older portion. Besides expanding your client base to a wider amount of people, being approachable creates the right vibe when training clients. This is important as the right environment for training produces better results, and improves the overall enjoyability of your sessions, which is something that will keep your clients coming back for more.

Be Happy to Listen

Listening to what your clients have to say not only allows you to notice places for improvement and further training but it actually allows the trainers to build a quality relationship with their clients. Although this may seem irrelevant to some, this is another aspect of training that is proven to produce results, as clients are able to relax around their trainer and begin to put trust in their processes, theories and themselves as a trainer in general. Beyond the training, being able to listen to clients is part of your safeguarding as a fitness professional, as it is your job to keep an eye out for any negative signs from the client, whether they be physical or emotional. Simply listening to your clients not only allows you to spot any potential problems but also allows trainers to provide an unjudgmental ear to speak to.

Be Reliable

Although clients can be unreliable themselves, as some cancel sessions and don't commit to progression, it is essential that you are reliable across all aspects of your work, whether that be providing meal plans or turning up to the gym on time. Being reliable is essential in any industry or job role, and Personal Training is no different. Being reliable allows companies in all industries to seriously boost the reputation of their brand, as consistency and reliability scream professionalism and instil trust in the client. Also, when it comes to providing clients with advice, plans, sessions and other things that you offer, being reliable allows clients to put their trust in you, and that is not just that you will turn up on time, but that what you're will provide services that will have a substantial impact on their progression.

Be Motivated

When thinking about being a Personal Training, we assume that motivation and the industry do hand in hand, but after years of industry experience, it is common for trainers to become unmotivated, which can even then go onto have an impact on their clients. When you are spending full days in the gym, it isn't uncommon to become unmotivated by what originally motivated them, and this can have a monumentally bad impact on clients, as this then rubs off on them, and if it doesn't, they might look to find a new, highly motivated trainer. This is why it is vital to do something that you love other than fitness, as this allows you to recharge and come back with a newfound motivation and love for fitness.

Be Patient (Even When it's Hard to)

Personal Trainers are required to work with clients that have a mixed level of skills and expertise when it comes to their health and fitness. When trainers get used to working with a certain client, it can be difficult to adapt to a substantially different level of experience, which can lead to frustration with the more problematic or less developed clients. When this happens, it is important to be patient with the client, as making the sessions as enjoyable as possible is one of the things that will keep clients coming back time and time again.

Provide a Push

A lot of clients choose to invest in a Personal Trainer down to them needing the motivation to make the changes that they need in their life. Being able to provide this push is a result of gaining your client's trust, as this allows them to know you mean well with your extra bit of motivation. Providing the extra motivation needed to carry on with their progression is what shows your clients that you care about more than just their money. Having a high level of genuine care is one way that clients assess their trainers, as there is no financial gain for motivating clients. Overall, there are endless options to explore when finding out how to become a successful Personal Trainer, so the best option is to put our expert advice into place and begin to see what works for you. Don’t stop evolving. The fitness arena is a tough one to compete in. The most successful personal trainers don’t settle. They keep developing to ensure they stay ahead of the game. Our popular courses relating to this blog post what is takes to be a successful personal trainer include our personal trainer courses, gym instructor courses and the ever-popular sports massage courses. There are a number of ways you can now maximise your chances of having a successful career in the industry. Gather a little inspiration for your next steps. All our courses are designed to give you the necessary tools to become a fully-certified fitness professional. Alternatively via our home page you can find personal trainer courses.