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What's Hot For 2015? | Fitness Trends For The Year Ahead

2014 in the world of fitness saw a rise in personal training to tackle childhood obesity, dance-inspired workouts, a nation of Twerkers and the emergence of wearable fitness technology. As the NHS have this year started to shape up their staff, sedentary lifestyles are being given a fitness facelift, and the demand for Personal Trainers continues to increase to help in shaping the nation. This means that those in the industry must stay up to speed on what’s happening around them, in order to stay ahead of the game in the ever-changing fitness arena. So what looks hot for 2015? The top fitness forecasts for the year ahead… HIITs A front-runner on last year’s fit predictions, HIIT is still HOT for the year ahead. High-Intensity Interval Training has brought the boot camp style workout into today’s hectic social schedule. Thanks to the likes of P90X and the Insanity Workout, we’re not only able to get a sweat on in a short timeframe, but we’re realising the benefits of short bursts of exercise over long and laborious sessions on the gym floor. Gadgets These days, taking our tech onto the treadmill isn’t as unusual as it was back in 2010. If we’re not chatting with our BFF’s whilst simultaneously taking an indoor cycling class, we’re updating our Facebook pages to prove that yes, we really were at the gym this morning. Some go the extra mile with a gym selfie for good measure (shame on you!). With this year’s boom in wearable fitness technology, tech toys are on the rise, with new fitness trackers, monitors and performance measurement devices cropping up on every wrist around. Many of the latest wearable devices sync up with apps, iPhones and smartphones without the need for a restrictive rubber wrist band. Any the possibilities are endless! They’ll track your runs, rides, sleep, calories, heart rate and more! Though remember, they rely on regular, honest logging of information to throw out accurate results! Outdoor Training Thanks to the rise in outdoor fitness coaches and classes that entice us with beautiful local parks, the feel of the fresh air on our face and the luxury of being away from the crowded gym, outdoor training is becoming increasingly popular. Aside from being at one with nature, the benefits of outdoor training are huge too! From gentle stretching through yoga-based classes, to a more gruelling military-style one-to-one, whatever form of fitness you’re into, the great outdoors can accommodate! Online Workouts We’ll be seeing far fewer fitness DVD’s in the Christmas stocking this year! Fitness fans are now turning to online workouts to keep up to speed with the latest trends. Personal Trainers are sharing their own video tutorials to inspire and educate the nation. Plus, we’re always on the hunt for those oh-so-secret celebrity workout regimes. Whilst online workouts allow us to get our sweat on from the comfort of our own home, it’s usually no match for a gym or studio setting that offers much more in the way of social interaction, personal training and performance measurement. But it’s certainly a great start! Kids Fitness Since school PE programs have been cut, and sports activities show a high drop-out rate due to the ever-increasing competitiveness, young people who aren’t especially athletic have fewer options for keeping fit. The number of children leading sedentary lifestyles hit an all-time high this year, with alarming reports on obesity rates. So it’s great to see more personal trainers becoming specialist Kids Fitness Instructors in order to help get the little people moving! Older Adults As the baby boom generation ages into retirement, many are enjoying their leisure time and spending those hard-earned savings on keeping themselves young at heart. Gym memberships and personal training sessions for older adults continue to increase, and with such clear benefits of exercise in later life, it’s certainly the trend with only continue to grow. With this increase, there’s also been a rise in the number of health and fitness professionals studying to become Older Adult Fitness Coaches in order to create age-appropriate fitness programs to keep older adults healthy. With such a wide variety of fitness trends coming with us into the New Year, the opportunities for fitness professionals to add specialist strings to their bow in order to cater for clients in these niche fitness areas, is huge. When it comes to your own success as a health and fitness professional, it’s about keeping ahead of the game, continual personal development and moving with the times! Are you ready? Personal trainers change lives. It is no longer a case of doling out diet plans and offering support on the gym floor. In today's fast-paced fitness arena, a successful Personal Trainer acts as a friend, a coach, an inspiration and a motivator. Needless to say that to turn into a successful Personal Trainer requires a wide range of skills! Our popular Focus Training courses relating to this blog post on what's hot for 2015? | fitness trends for the year ahead include our gym instructor courses, exercise referral courses, sports massage courses and the extremely popular personal trainer courses. Whether you intend to join a high profile health club, work with world professional athletes or make your mark with your very own personal training business, opportunities within the fitness industry continue to grow with no signs of putting on the brakes. 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