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What are the Scientists saying?

Evidence based research is crucial in the continual evolution of the health, fitness and wellness markets. The sooner this type of information becomes public knowledge will help educate and possibly motivate those who do not exercise to improving their lifestyles. The following are the latest findings: Research from the University of Bonn have proven the link that intense exercise does trigger the release of endorphins. I think the majority of us have experienced this! Exercise for older people has been proven to help them think faster and improve concentration levels, says researchers from Utrecht University. It is this type of information we should be communicating to the older population to encourage exercise. Studies from Harvard School of Public Health indicate that women of ‘normal’ weight that are carrying excess fat around their waistlines, larger than 35” are twice as likely to die from cancer as those with waists less than 28”. As fitness professionals it is very important to educate the population on the correct measures of health and not just weight as a guide. Controlled exercise when pregnant is proven not only to increase the health and recovery time of the mother, but also the health of the baby. Researchers from Kansas City University have discovered the benefits from the mother exercising also improves the unborn child’s heart. Smokers trying to quit can reduce cravings by up to 30% by engaging in 15 minutes of gentle exercise. The study, conducted at the University of Toronto found that brisk walking or running were very effective in reducing cravings. Our passion is helping you go after your own. That implies offering unparalleled support as well as information, dealing with merely the finest & most competent pros in the market, and dedicating ourselves completely to the expansion and success of all our students. Our popular Focus Training courses relating to this particular blog post on what are the scientists saying? include our level 2 gym instructor courses, exercise referral qualification, sports massage courses near me and the extremely popular pt courses. As a pupil of Focus Training you are going to have access to teachers and experts that can assist you with your studies. Assignments and examinations are required in order to finish the courses. Via our main page you are able to find much more educational information on pt courses online.