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Weight training, metabolic rate and fat loss.

Over the past few years I’ve heard Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers alike telling people that increasing your lean tissue will increase your resting metabolism therefore assisting weight loss goals. Whilst technically true, the type of person you're trying to convince that lifting weights is good for them will not want to gain enough lean tissue to have a dramatic impact on their calorific expenditure. If you think that 1lb of lean tissue has a calorific value of 10-12 cals per day, to have any real effect on daily expenditure a client must increase their lean tissue weight substantially. A 14lb increase in lean tissue weight (1stone), would increase their calorific expenditure by about 140-150 cals per day. As you can see, if a client is after losing fat, and 1lb of fat comes as a 3500 calorie deficit, then the lean tissue gain would substantially out weigh any fat loss if we were to rely on an increase in RMR.

So why is weight training helpful for fat loss?

The higher the intensity of a training session, the higher the post exercise calorie expenditure will be to repair the body. Typically the body will be in a recovery state for 2-3 days after a high intensity session. That means the metabolic rate will be elevated for a long period of time after a resistance training session. If you are in a negative calorific state then the body can potentially break down the muscular store to provide energy. By performing resistance sessions this breakdown can be reduced therefore helping to sustain any lean tissue whilst improving the shape of you clients body. You can also dramatically improve a clients posture through resistance training, therefore give the impression of fat loss. So in future if a client is after fat loss don’t go straight for the CV machines, be sure to incorporate an effective resistance training schedule. Focus Training are amongst the UK's most trusted education program providers in the fitness industry for their expertise in physical fitness. Our preferred Focus Training courses concerning this particular blog post on weight training, metabolic rate and fat loss. include our level 2 gym instructor courses, exercise referral qualification, sports massage courses near me and the extremely popular pt courses. A student won't be asked to have a prior experience to have the online customer trainer course; however awareness of the fitness industry and using a workout room is helpful. Through our main page you are able to find a lot more educational info on pt courses online.