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Two’s a company, three’s a crowd

We all know the saying that two’s company and three’s a crowd, especially on a romantic venture. Some celebrities will demand 110% attention from their personal trainers and you can argue that they’re high maintenance, but they are paying more than the average price for a session. Now if you were to step into the celebrity world as a personal trainer, you may be on call for when you least expect it. Imagine being asked to go on honeymoon with one of your clients, so you can carry on keeping them in shape? This is exactly what Kim Kardashian has done because she is scared of putting on weight; we’re not sure how Kanye feels about this though! This is taking your personal training qualifications to a whole new level! Surely there is a limit as to when services of a personal trainer are needed. A honeymoon is the one time that you would want to relax for a week or so, and the last thing you want is your personal trainer tagging along! But that’s just our opinion and if you are having asked to get your passport for a romantic holiday, then it will boost your career dramatically and not forgetting some extra spending money. So go for it! If you fancy being the next celebrity fitness trainer, then get in touch with Focus Training today and we’ll guide you through our range of personal training courses. Only some personal trainer programs are created equal. Our worldwide recognised PT qualifications are authored as well as delivered by several of the industry's top experts, which includes medical doctors, physiotherapists, celebrity personal trainers, nutritionists and dietitians. See from the very best with Focus Training. Our preferred Focus Training courses associated with this particular blog post on two’s a company, three’s a crowd include our fitness instructor courses, exercise referral course, sports massage course and the extremely popular personal training courses. No personal trainer qualification is really complete without sensible workshops which help you on the way of yours to gaining the personal training certification of yours. Through our main page you are able to find much more educational info on pt courses.