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The (Real) Role of a Personal Trainer

A career in the world of fitness can be very rewarding, and often comes with some great perks but there's much more to becoming a successful personal trainer than many people like to imagine. To help you decide if you should get certified, here's a little insight into what becoming a fitness professional really involves... The Behind The Scenes Work Despite looking as though they're having the time of their life, the role of a fitness instructor involves much more than a weekly Zumba class! Before you even set foot into the gym, you'll likely spend hours compiling the perfect playlist, practising new moves, and perfecting your choreography in front of the mirror. You'll often arrive early for class and stay late to discuss a whole host of queries with your clientele. On top of this, you'll be constantly learning and developing your skills to stay ahead of the game. You Don't Just Get Paid to Work Out A common statement heard by fitness professionals is "It must be great getting paid to work out!" In fact, your personal workout comes after every other aspect of your role. Your focus is to teach and motivate your clients and create safe and effective workouts for them to follow. Every move you make, piece of advice you give and pearl of wisdom you share, will be tailored specifically for your clients, not your own body. With this is mind, sometimes becoming a fitness professional makes it even harder to fit in your own workout. After a long day working in the gym, it can be a challenge to motivate yourself to stay on for a personal workout. Can't Motivate? You May Not Cut It! You may love a good sweat session, but (surprise!) there are a lot of people out there who don’t. The ability to motivate and inspire is a crucial skill for the Personal Trainer. Sure, you may be professionally qualified, fully clued up on biology and nutrition, but if you don't have the power of motivation, how will you achieve results for your clients? Clients that fail to see results very quickly seek the help of other fitness professionals that will help them achieve them. Knowing how to effectively motivate others is key to the success of your business. Continual Learning As the fitness industry continues to change and evolve, in order to stay ahead of the game, you'll need to evolve with it. In order to deliver the most effective sessions and solid advice to your clients, you'll not only teach classes but attend them too! Continuing your fitness education will ensure that you're fully up to speed with the industry around you as well as new trends and techniques to adopt with your clients. The Hard Part Isn't The Study Whilst studying to become certified as a Personal Trainer may seem like hard work, establishing your own business as a fitness professional is much harder! You'll need to invest a lot of time, money and elbow grease into building a portfolio of clients, along with marketing, additional training and insurance. If you struggle to sell yourself well, this could be a deal-breaker when it comes to bringing in the business. Sometimes, It Can Be Thankless There’s nothing like helping someone achieve their long-awaited fitness goals and feel great about themselves. But there will be some tough moments too. If you're under the weather/feeling tired/hungover you can't always find a replacement to take your classes and clients. You'll also have to dig deep and find a smile and some motivation for when you get there! Clients may not always agree with or like what you say. Unmotivated folk may take their disappointment out on you and question your abilities to help them achieve their goals. It takes great self-belief and a strong mind to prevent personal issues from getting in the way. Being a fitness professional can be a tough job and a big investment, but ultimately, if you love what you do, it’s all worth it! You only have to ask a few Focus Training students to find out! Personal trainers change lives. It’s no longer a case of doling out diet plans and offering support on the gym floor. In today’s fast-paced fitness arena, a successful Personal Trainer acts as a friend, a coach, a motivator and an inspiration. It goes without saying that to become a successful Personal Trainer requires a multitude of skills! Our popular courses relating to this blog post the (real) role of a personal trainer include our personal trainer courses, gym instructor courses and the ever-popular sports massage courses. Whether you plan to join a high profile health club, work with world professional athletes or make your mark with your own personal training business, opportunities within the fitness industry continue to grow… with no signs of putting on the brakes. All our courses are designed to give you the necessary tools to become a fully-certified fitness professional. Alternatively via our home page you can find personal trainer courses.