Home work out

The new normal for fitness?

With the BBC reporting last week that people are working out longer and later we look at the opportunity for personal trainers. As lockdowns were imposed we saw people who found themselves with time on their hands turn to fitness. We also saw those who had established fitness routines adapt them to work in new locations and then we saw those who neglected their fitness.

For those who have been working out at home, there is a great opportunity to help them push their fitness to the next level. With Pure Gym reporting an increase in membership of 150,000 it appears those that may have neglected their fitness are also now looking to get fit. It’s a perfect time to pick up new clients.

Online Personal Training.

As lockdown took hold many of us turned to Zoom for online meetings, socials, classes and of course quizzes! Whilst some of that has fallen by the wayside it’s opened up a whole new way to reach clients. And it looks like it’s here to stay. People are more used to virtual workouts, it's an ideal way to deliver training wherever your clients are. You can save planning time and create sessions that will work face to face and online. Being set up to deliver training will mean that you can easily set up sessions with clients if they (or you) have to stay at home or isolate.

Flexible Training

One of the best things about being a Personal Trainer is that you can work the hours that suit you. Now it looks like big businesses are catching on to the benefits of flexible working too. It’s resulting in a change in the locations and the times people are working. Pure Gym is reporting the post-work peak is falling by the wayside and being replaced by people working out at other times throughout the day… and night! It’s great news if you are looking for a more balanced spread of clients or if you are working around other commitments.

It’s excellent if you can be flexible on location too. It might seem like more of a challenge than working from one fixed gym, but the changing locations and problem-solving skills needed can mean that things are always fresh and exciting. You are your own boss and that means you have flexibility in your own life as well.

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