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The Future of Fitness

Today’s personal training clients are well informed. They have access to information via the web, lifestyle magazines, TV and are exposed to more fitness tips and advice than you can shake a Gym Stick at. Many individuals can get their questions answered in many ways, even before they come to you. So, how does this affect the future of the personal training business? Why do clients come to personal trainers in the first place? They come to you for guidance and help. One definite in the future of personal training is that personal trainers will become more and more knowledgeable. They’ll have to, if they want to continue to bring in new clients. As the fitness world expands, new and more advanced science is coming into play. New techniques, new ideas, and new programs are being introduced every day. If trainers don’t take the initiative to continue to learn and develop with it, they’ll be left behind. Other changes in the future of personal training include the changes in format. Today’s exercise science says that shorter, more intense workouts will result in bigger gains. The hour-long personal trainer sessions are making way for the thirty-minute sessions. This can either cut the earnings of personal trainers or, if your glass is of the ‘half full’ variety, it can free them up to fit in more clients. A thirty-minute session would be priced differently than an hour session, but it does not necessarily have to be priced at exactly half. If the intensity is higher and clients get more results, the price should reflect that. Also, today’s personal training business is showing a trend away from one-on-one training sessions toward more group sessions. Friends and family members want to work out together, and they want to train together. Most trainers give a discount, or a deal when more than one person trains per session. This allows them to work fewer hours and make more money. In addition, these added clients may want to break off and purchase one-on-one sessions later, so the earnings potential is greater, too. This is a win-win situation for the trainer and the clients. Another great change that is coming is through insurance companies. Already, some companies are offering insurance discounts to people who work out regularly, because this is preventative health care. Some employers and some insurance companies are touting this benefit. In the future, insurance companies are going to be extending their coverage to personal training (and even massage therapy) services. This is a money saver for them because hopefully, it keeps people well and out of the hospital, so paying a few pounds for a personal training session could potentially save them thousands down the road. In addition to this, lots of corporations are establishing corporate wellness programs and have installed gyms into their offices. They are hiring personal trainers to be there during lunch hours and before and after work to train their employees and get them, and keep them, in shape. Smart personal trainers are contacting corporations and local businesses now, getting on board with these plans and helping design health and wellness programs. Get on board! Currently, a new and very popular trend is personal trainers accepting credit cards. Gone are the days when cash payments or cheques were the only payments independent trainers accepted. The most up to date trainers now accept credit cards and PayPal! As most of us have stopped carrying cash in our gym gear and writing cheques, this is a good bandwagon to jump onto. Speaking of taking it online, another wave of the future is interaction online. Personal trainers’ websites and digital marketing strategies are moving towards registering new clients online, offering client fitness surveys online, and even allowing clients places to track their progress online. Clients can enter what they have eaten during the day, what exercises they did, and see instant calorie calculations. Everything you need, and the client needs, will be at their fingertips…the only thing they will still need is you! We've delivered personal fitness and training courses for 20 years. In that time, we've trained a huge number of individuals. We're grateful that several of our students continue to enrol on various other courses with us and that they recommend us to their friends and family. Our preferred Focus Training courses relating to this particular blog post on the future of fitness include our level 2 gym instructor courses, exercise referral qualification, sports massage courses near me and the extremely popular pt courses online. Our programs are cost-effective, adaptable and fully accredited, & we deliver internationally certification to help you get more money, generate better possibilities, and get a hold of the true potential of yours of the industry. They are additionally a lot of fun! Via our main page you can find more educational information on pt courses.