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The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Personal Trainers

Success leaves clues. It’s not this great mystery and it’s not so elusive that you can’t achieve the success that you want. If you search for these clues you can learn from those who have gone before you; learn the actions, the behaviours, the strategies that will take you where you want to go. What do I mean by successful personal trainers? I’m not referring to professional competence. Achieving great results with clients, delivering a consistently great service, being knowledgeable and skilled as a personal trainer – these things for me are a given. Every personal trainer worthy of their title has these things in common. However, there are lots of personal trainers who do these things brilliantly and achieve these standards consistently. But they are still struggling to get enough clients or earn enough money or build anything like a successful business out of PT. Alternatively they are booked solid with no time left for anything else. They are burnt out and tied to a job that isn’t giving them the lifestyle they envisaged. By successful personal trainer I mean one who has built a business out of PT, who is earning well above average income, who is in control of their work and their hours, who has a steady stream of clients, and who has built a business that is flexible and fits around their life. I have interviewed and observed a number of very successful personal trainers in my search for clues and to discover what it is they do on a regular basis that is different to the average PT out there. These 7 habits I’m going to share with you now are the ones that are shared by every successful PT I know. Habit # 1 Goals, Vision and Purpose Every successful PT could tell you exactly what their goals are, short, medium and long term. They are very clear about what it is they are working towards and so they operate in a very focused and pragmatic way. Armed with a clear vision of the future and what they are going to create, they don’t always know how they will get there exactly but they are determined that they will. They are all very driven by a sense of purpose; the idea that they are doing what they were born to do. That purpose isn’t simply to be a great personal trainer. It’s to make a difference or have an impact on people in some specific way. There is a commitment to what they are doing – they’re in it for the long haul. Habit # 2 Work on Their Business and on Themselves They make time and in most cases devote a significant amount of their time to working on their business. Working in their business, i.e. delivering 1-1 sessions or other services, is limited and managed. One way or another they have developed a business model that releases them from having to fill every day with 1-1 training sessions. This allows the essential time for assessing, adjusting, developing and growing their business. They also make time to regularly work on themselves and I don’t just mean doing further training courses. They work on their mindset, their thinking and their behaviour because they know that if they are to keep growing and to keep raising their game, the only thing that will hold them back is themselves. Habit # 3 Build A Team Successful personal trainers know what they do well, they know where they benefit from using the expertise of others and they delegate the rest. There are lots of aspects to any successful business and to try and master them all on your own is probably not a great use of time. Building up a team of people who can contribute to the business in different ways is a habit that most successful personal trainers adopt. Habit # 4 Consistently Communicate These guys are always visible, always out there, talking to people and communicating their message loudly and clearly. They communicate with their customers, not just their 1-1 clients but with every customer or prospective customer who comes into contact with their business. They also communicate consistently with other professionals, other businesses and organisations. They keep in touch and they build strong relationships. They write, they speak, and they find ways of building their presence in their chosen marketplace so that everyone who needs to know about them does. Habit #5 Break Through Every Obstacle Even highly successful personal trainers experience problems on a regular basis. Being successful does not mean a problem-free life. They experience challenges, obstacles and brick walls along the way. The difference is in their attitude to these things. Problems are anticipated; even expected, because they know that they are pushing themselves beyond what is normal and comfortable for them. But they are not phased by problems; not thrown by them. They make no excuses. They simply get on with finding the solutions. Over time they get better at solving problems and put into place the resources they need to tackle different problems so that they push through quicker. Habit # 6 Movers and Shakers The most successful personal trainers strive to become the movers and shakers in their chosen field. They don’t follow - they lead and influence. They break with tradition, raise the standards and move the boundaries. All of this comes about because of their strong sense of purpose and their commitment to achieving their biggest goals. They keep ahead of the game and are ready to take advantage of opportunities that come about as the Health and Fitness Industry evolves. One of their skills is finding out exactly what their clients need and developing a way to deliver it. This often results in the creation of new programmes, products and the delivery of a cutting edge service for their customers. Habit # 7 Take Action They learn a new strategy – they apply it and implement it. They acquire a new skill – they try it out and use it. They come up against a problem – they solve it. They implement – they change and take action consistently. And because they do this regularly they have great confidence in their ability to turn new skills, knowledge and strategies into results for their clients and their business overall. Small steps that are taken consistently create big results. *** Success leaves clues and there are undoubtedly more great habits that the most successful personal trainers have that contribute towards their achievements so far. If you can identify personal trainers who are succeeding with their careers and businesses in a way that inspires you, then look for the clues. Learn from them and become the highly successful personal trainer you deserve to be. ACTION Your challenge is to find at least one successful personal trainer; one who is doing some of the things you see yourself doing in the future, and identify 5 habits they have that are contributing to their success. To Your Success. Yvette Nevrkla accomplished business coach, author of the book, The PT Business Gym, and founder of The PT Business Gym which offers business coaching and mentoring support and resources specifically for personal trainers. Visit to discover more about how to turn your skills into a successful and profitable PT business. Only some personal trainer courses are created equal. Our worldwide recognised PT qualifications are developed and delivered by several of the industry's top experts, including medical professionals, physiotherapists, celebrity personal trainers, nutritionists and dietitians. See from the best with Focus Training. 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