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Staff Academy... Bringing The Benefits To Your Business

In today's fast-paced fitness industry, health and leisure club managers have enough on their hands keeping their customers happy and their businesses booming. Though any health club manager worth their salt knows that in order to achieve both, you need refined systems and slick staff training in place. With health club members wanting much more than a place to workout, the demand for high quality fitness professionals is on the rise.Members not only want the best gym environment, the latest equipment and to try out the newest fitness trends, but they want the very best in qualified fitness professionals too. With rife competition between leisure centers, health clubs and gyms, ensuring your teams are made up of premium level fitness professionals is key to gaining that cutting edge, and maintaining the loyalty of your customers. At the Focus Training Staff Academy, our corporate team have a wealth of expertise and experience within the fitness sector. We'll deliver top quality, bespoke staff training at your venue, at your convenience… and at a cost that we think you'll like too. Aside from the benefits of a highly skilled workforce, how else can a little help from the Staff Academy add a lot of value to your business? Increased Productivity We don't improve your business... your staff do. Our training can allow your staff to offer better customer service, better work safety practices and increased productivity. Not because you want them to... because they want to! Improved Staff Morale Training your people shows you're commitment to developing their skills, and their careers! Demonstrating your commitment to your staff cements their importance within the business, which means happier and more loyal employees. Improved Working Environment Happy people breed more happy people! Giving your staff the tools they need to succeed breeds confidence, allows natural creativity and leadership to emerge, and creates a well-oiled machine that's much more pleasurable to work within. Improved Retention People who love their jobs have little reason to look elsewhere! Demonstrating to your workforce that you value them enough to invest in them, will improve staff loyalty, and therefore retention. Saving you a large amount in recruitment and future training costs too! Bridging The Skills Gap Not every employee needs a full-on education! Many of them clearly know their stuff. So, you choose which new skills you feel your teams need, and we'll fill in the gaps to meet your business needs. Increased Career Prospects Up-skilling your people not only allows them the opportunity to develop their own career, but offers you the opportunity to recruit from within for more senior roles. With our Business Skills for Personal Trainers, your staff are rewarded with a better role, salary and benefits... You get more value out of your training investment and keep hold of the employees you love. Increased Motivation Our training provides staff with the skills to effectively prioritise their workload and time effectively, increasing productivity and motivating them to achieve more! Improve Your Competitive Edge People buy from people they like. Effective training from the Staff Academy will allow your staff to work with customers confidently and professionally. This not only keeps your customers happy, but helps streamline internal efficiency too. Specialise! Adding a specialist now to your employees skill set not only means a higher quality fitness professional but opens doors for your teams to train a number of specialist clients including older adults, pregnant women and those with certain medical conditions that require specialist skills. Speak to the team to find out how we can add value to your business with the Focus Training Staff Academy! Call 0161 660 9086. Personal training courses for the career of your choice. In case you are a fitness enthusiast who wants to share the passion of yours for health, love of fitness and help others in the quest of theirs for the body beautiful. A career as a personal trainer may just be for you! Our popular Focus Training courses relating to this blog post on staff academy... bringing the benefits to your business include our gym instructor courses, exercise referral courses, sports massage courses and the extremely popular personal trainer courses. As with any career change, it's crucial to consider what it will take to be there, and make a success of your shiny new fitness career. So we've put together a few pointers on how you can get rolling. All our courses are actually developed to offer you the essential tools to become a fully-certified fitness professional. Via our main page you can find more educational information on personal training courses.