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She did it!

Hearing stories of how personal trainers have helped clients achieve magnificent goals really puts things into perspective of how our personal training courses have helped to achieve this. Focus Training enjoys staying in touch with all of our students who have passed one (or more) of our courses to become a fitness instructor, and it brings us great joy when we hear of the success they’re having in their career and with their clients. Weight loss is a difficult task and holds many challenges along the way especially when you’re doing it on your own, but with that one extra person by your side giving you support and professional service, losing weight couldn’t be easier. 54-year-old Denise Winwood did just that. She has been battling her weight loss for a few years and although she lost 3 stone on her own, her weight loss came to an end. In December 2012, Denise’s husband paid for her to have a personal trainer to help her achieve her ultimate weight loss goal, as he too was feeling disheartened seeing his wife feeling down about herself. With help from her personal trainer, Denise lost an astonishing 5 and a half stone, making her total weight loss 9 stone in just 12 months. Although her fitness instructor was firm with her during their sessions, he monitored her nutrition and eating plan. Denise is now a happy size 12, with a weight of 11 stone and ran her first half marathon in 2 hours, 37 minutes. Well done Denise! You too can be part of someone’s weight loss achievement by signing up to our personal training course. We are constantly hearing of how our students have gone on to help their clients achieve similar results. You can find all of our personal training courses on our website and why not download our free online prospectus today for more information. We have delivered private fitness and training courses for twenty years. In that time, we have trained a huge number of individuals. We are relieved several of our pupils continue to enrol on various other classes with us and they endorse us to their family and friends. Our preferred Focus Training courses associated with this particular blog post on she did it! include our fitness instructor courses, exercise referral course, sports massage course and the extremely popular personal training courses. The programs of ours are cost-effective, adaptable and completely accredited, & we deliver internationally famous credentials to assist you get cash, generate better possibilities, and talk to the true potential of yours of the market. They are additionally a great deal of fun! Via our main page you can find more educational information on pt courses.