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Retiring Makes You More Active

Whilst you may think of retired people enjoying long lie ins and relaxing days, it seems quitting your day job brings on a healthier, more active lifestyle! A study has found that retired folk do around an hour and a half more exercise a week than those that work. They also sit down for an hour less each day and get an extra 11 minutes shut-eye a night. Sydney University's School of Public Health studied 25,000 retirees, taking into account their age, sex, marital status, education and whether they lived in a city or the countryside. They found that for those that had packed up work, physical activity increased by an average of 93 minutes a week and sitting down decreased by 67 minutes per day.


Heading to work every day not only takes up the eight hours we spend actually doing it, but add on commuting time, spending time with family and cramming in a spot of relaxation, and having a job can leave little time for exercise. The fact that many of us come home exhausted at the end of a working day also adds to our lack of motivation to get up and moving. On the contrary, those that ditched the nine to five, find that they have much more time to fit in hobbies, social lives, family time and still make room for exercise. It’s great to hear that so many retirees are choosing to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle when the temptation can be too easy to fall into a sedentary retirement slump. As our Older Adult Fitness Coach students will agree, not only does regular exercise reduce the risk of memory decline, muscle loss and heart disease, but it also encourages a healthy diet, and provides a social environment for older adults that may not socialise as much since retiring from work. With the benefits booming, it’s clear to see why more older adults enjoy keeping themselves fit! For Personal Trainers interested in working with Older Adults, this rise in retirees hitting the gym opens up plenty of opportunities to build a solid, nice client base. Exercise for those over a certain age needs to tackled differently to gym-goers in their twenties and thirties. With age, the joints start to weaken and injury can occur much more easily. As an Older Adult Fitness Coach, you’ll have the skills needed to work with older adults in creating safe and effective exercise plans. There are a number of considerations that personal trainers must be aware of when working with those of a certain age. Whether it’s joints, blood pressure, heart problems or simply a newcomer to the gym environment, our Older Adult Fitness Coach course will teach you all you need to know about the physiology of ageing, weight management and adapting exercise regimes for older adults. If you’re are looking to add a specialist bow to your belt, this could be a course to give your career a boost! With the over 60′s increasingly taking up healthier lifestyles, they’ll be looking for qualified specialists to show them the way! Contact Focus Training for more information about our Older Adult Fitness Coach course. I am guessing you have what it takes? Our part-time courses are actually ideal for those that would like to get ahead, without interfering with current work commitments or perhaps compromising that crammed social schedule! Our popular courses relating to this blog post retiring makes you more active include our personal trainer courses, gym instructor courses, exercise referral courses and the ever-popular sports massage courses. You will study at home using our online study portal and be supported all the while by the experienced Focus Training tutors. You will also be asked to attend one of our venues to learn the practical skills you will have to put your learning into practice. All our courses are actually intended to provide you with the essential tools to become a fully certified fitness professional. On our home page, you are able to find personal trainer courses.