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Pure Fitness!

Personal Trainers that specialise in a niche area often find it easier to generate new clients, and on average have a higher earning potential. These days, clients don't just want Personal Training sessions. They want variety, specialist areas, and to have a pop at whatever training regime the A-List are currently undergoing for the body beautiful. For those serious about making a successful business as a fitness professional, having just a basic qualification in the industry isn't enough to cut the (low-fat) mustard. Introducing our new PURE Series! Whichever area of fitness floats your boat, our 1 & 2 day workshops offer a variety of techniques and exercises your "I want something new!" clients will love...

PURE Fit 2 Box

Our one day Pure Fix 2 Box Course covers fitness training techniques employed by boxers and explains the punching techniques to be used on punch bags and focus pads. The session includes main punches, stance, equipment selection and how to incorporate techniques into a training programme.

PURE Kettlebell

The use of Kettle-bells in an exercise regime combines cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. This Pure Kettlebell course covers a range of kettlebell exercises using swing, clean and jerk movements, showing you how to build them into programmes. You’ll also learn how to incorporate them into a 'circuit' style of exercise. Great for those looking to teach studio sessions!

PURE Circuit

With the number of people engaging in group exercise on the increase, our Pure Circuit Course will equip you with the latest skills and techniques to teach a safe and effective circuit exercise session, perfect for people who enjoy the motivation of circuits, but are uncomfortable with the formality of a structured exercise to music session. Even if you're experienced in taking circuit classes, through this course, you'll get to grips with some valuable tips on how to improve your personal performance leading group exercise and how to introduce new ideas including the use of training aids such as bands and weights.


Step classes are predominantly based on the repetition of movement to music but you still need to keep it fresh! Our Pure Step Course will teach you how to use step equipment and give you the skills to plan, choreograph and deliver step classes targeted at various skill levels.

PURE Cycle

This studio cycling workshop will give you a ‘hands-on’ understanding of studio cycling equipment as well as the knowledge needed to plan and teach a variety of indoor cycling sessions for all fitness levels.

PURE Lifting

For clients who are specifically aiming to build power and muscle strength, free weights are one of the most effective exercise options. This Pure Lifting workshop teaches the correct use of free weights and the subtle adaptations needed for effective exercise prescription. You will gain an understanding of the main core of free weight exercises and techniques that clients can use in their training regimes as well as more advanced techniques involved in Olympic lifting.

PURE Chill

Stress is one of the biggest health issues in the UK leading to a range of physical and mental health conditions. Combating stress with exercise is now recognised to be part of the solution to help alleviate these problems. Our Pure Chill course provides an insight into the wide range of relaxation techniques that are available and how they can be utilised to fight stress.


The Pure Tone course will train you to create and deliver exciting resistance-style workouts to music. This method of group training features high repetitions and a choice of weights and equipment including free weights, dyno-bands, medicine balls and kettlebells. This exercise format will enable you to attract a wider variety of clients into your sessions and deliver fun, exciting and rewarding group exercise sessions. You will be given suggested workout routines to go away and practise with to implement within your own studio.

PURE Defence

Our one day Pure Defence workshop will give you the knowledge and techniques to teach basic self-defence and striking strategies taken from kick/Thai boxing, Aikido and Jujitsu all put together in a fun way to be taught either to a group, or to add a new dimension to your programmes and Personal Training sessions.

PURE Motion

Exercise prescription can often mean people exercising from seated, supported positions, training the body with a stimulus that doesn’t exist in the real world. Our Pure Motion course is designed to give you the skills and knowledge to deliver real training programmes to improve people’s function in everyday life. Which PURE course suits your fitness style? Speak to the Focus Team about getting started on yours! As your career progresses you may need to continue your learning to realise the full potential of yourself and boost your career prospects. Focus Training has the expertise to offer an exciting range of level three and level 4 specialist personal trainer courses that will definitely give you the edge in your chosen field. Our popular Focus Training courses relating to this blog post on pure fitness! include our gym instructor courses, exercise referral courses, sports massage courses and the extremely popular personal trainer courses. Our qualifications are specifically developed to focus on the changing health needs of the population of ours, supplying you with the skills, knowledge and expertise to meet the demands of your clients both at once and in the future. All our courses are actually intended to provide you with the necessary tools to become a fully-certified fitness professional. Via our main page, you can find more educational information on personal training courses.