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Going Cheap Doesn't Always Pay!

Paying twenty quid for a fake ID back in the day when you were a tad too baby-faced to get into a nightclub is one thing. But cutting corners and plumping for a cheap and cheerful Personal Training certificate can cost much more than your hard-earned cash. Though parting with a significant sum of money in that quest for your dream career isn't on everyone list of priorities, it's an investment into your future, your education and your professional reputation once you become a fully-fledged fitness pro. As the Personal Training industry continues to grow, hundreds of new business are emerging offering cheap, fast-track or even fake professional fitness certificates for a highly discounted fee compared to the many reputable fitness qualification providers. Whilst for many students starting out in their studies, this may seem like a cost-effective route to becoming qualified, they quickly learn that all they've shelled out for at the end of the day is a worthless piece of paper - one that will get you nowhere when it comes to applying for jobs in the fitness industry. A while back, we spoke to a woman who became a ‘certified personal trainer’ after taking an online test costing £240. She had no reason to believe this course wasn't legitimate and admits she was enticed by the low cost of the course. The organisation, however, was not accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies, meaning her so-called qualification meant nothing. She now works as a freelancer, as gyms and leisure centres in the UK don’t recognise or accept the cowboy credentials she paid to obtain. In order to achieve her career as a fitness professional, she is now studying with a reputable course provider, however, will have spent 25% more than she should have by the time she qualifies. The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) has been set up to help safeguard and promote the health and interests of people who are using exercise-related services including fitness instructors, teachers and trainers. The Register uses a process of self-regulation that recognises industry-based qualifications, practical competency, and requires exercise professionals to work within a Code of Ethical Practice. Members of the Register are given a card and registration certificate to prove their qualification and membership. If you’re considering a career in the world of fitness, do your homework. A professional Personal Training course provider will be industry recognised and qualify you for REPS accreditation. Course tutors will cover not only fitness knowledge, but practical study, and will hold professional qualifications of their own. They won't simply ask you to take an online test! Course prices needn't hold you back from starting your studies - the frequency of courses and wide availability of venues here at Focus means that if you can't afford to begin right away, there are always plenty more opportunities once you're ready. Our courses are flexible enough to allow you to continue working alongside your studies, and we offer a variety of payment options to help finance your course. As with anything, cheap rarely means high quality, and when it comes to your future career in the fitness industry, a quality, reputable and legal certification should be top of your list! Save As your career progresses you might wish to continue your learning to realise the full potential of you and boost your career prospects as well. Focus Training has the expertise to give an exciting range of Level three and Level four specialist personal trainer courses that will definitely provide you with the edge in the chosen field you choose. Our popular courses relating to this blog post going cheap doesn't always pay! include our personal trainer courses, gym instructor courses, exercise referral courses and the ever-popular sports massage courses. Our qualifications are specifically created to focus on the changing health needs of the population, providing you with the skills, expertise and knowledge to meet the requirements of your clients both today and in the future. All our courses are actually intended to provide you with the essential tools to become a fully certified fitness professional. Alternative links are here via our home page you are able to find personal trainer courses.