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What are teams doing to prepare for the World Cup 2014

One of the biggest sporting tournaments has started; the World Cup 2014 and it’s already had an unpredicted start. We saw Brazil player Marcelo score an own goal against Croatia, Spain witnessed an embarrassing defeat against Holland and sadly, our England boys failed to beat Italy on Saturday, but they did play well. It can’t be easy for the football teams to train and play in Brazil’s scorching weather conditions, but they’ve all had fitness professionals on hand to help. So what have the England team been doing to prepare for the World Cup? Well we know Wayne Rooney went to Portugal a week earlier with his personal trainer to make sure he’s fit enough, and Roy Hodgson and the rest of the team met with Rooney in the Algarve a few days after. Their training trip was followed by a visit to Miami and then Rio de Janeiro; not bad eh? This wasn’t so much of a pre-World Cup holiday, but more so the squad can accustom to playing in the high temperatures. But what about some of the key players from the tournament, like Christiano Ronaldo? Well, he has a professional fitness plan in place and the Portuguese footballer trains five days a week for 3 – 4 hours a day. Ronaldo isn’t shy of his speed and maintaining a strict diet is equally as important to the striker as his fitness regime. It’s no surprise that he’s one of the most powerful footballers on the planet. It takes a professional with the right fitness qualifications to be able to put together a fitness plan similar to Ronaldo’s and to ensure the correct training is taking place for the Brazil type conditions. It can’t be easy running around in 30+ degree heat. If you love football and sport in general and want a career training up the professionals, then get in touch with Focus Training today. We have a range of personal training courses available and a team of professionals who will ensure that you’re on the right course. Get your fitness qualifications today.
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