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Pop On Your Salesman's Cap!

Ok, so not everyone likes salespeople. For most of us, the word ‘sales’ drums up images of cheap-suited twenty-somethings offering two for one windows and doors, or call centre staff that phone you just as you sit down to watch Eastenders! As daunting as it may be, mastering the art of selling yourself is essential for success as a personal trainer. A big chunk of your livelihood will depend on whether or not you can sell yourself well enough to encourage clients to part with their hard earned cash. So before you cower in a cold sweat at the thought of cold-calling, knocking on doors in the local neighbourhood or bartering for business, we put together some top tips to help ease you gently into a salespersons psyche... Know Your Target Prospects Who do you want to work with? Devise a list of the services you can offer and the types of people that would benefit from these. Then go and find them! For example: You design Tailored Fitness Programmes – great for gym-goers that find it difficult to stick to a routine. You may find them stuck to the treadmill for the entirety of their workout session. Go and say hello! You specialise in Back Pain Relief – great for elderly exercisers, those with sports injuries or even pregnant women. Now we’re not suggesting you head down to the local retirement home or ante-natal class, but keep your eyes peeled for individuals that could use your help! Get Your Timing Right Don’t try to “sell on the fly.” It takes a very experienced (and very ballsy) salesperson to close a deal within 20 minutes of meeting someone. Allocate sufficient time to fully outline what you will deliver for your client, and the benefits to them. Don’t assume they understand everything – take the time to explain and make sure they know what they are potentially to be paying for. Don’t Scrape The Barrel Yes, you want clients, and yes you need the income that comes from their business. But be selective about who you want to work with and it will not only weed out the time-wasters but add a better perception to you as a fitness professional. You don’t need to meet with every single prospect who in interested in working with you. If you don’t feel someone would make a good client, then feel free to turn them away. Your time is too valuable to spend talking to people who aren’t serious about doing what it takes to get the results they claim they want. Know Your Selling Points What is it that makes you better than the Personal Trainer down the road? The one they may be on their way to see right after your meeting! If you know your strengths inside out, you have a big stack of ammo to sell yourself as soon as your prospect asks, ‘What Can You Do For Me?’ Read our tips on understanding your own Unique Selling Points and make sure you can shout about these. Alleviate Concerns Ask about your prospect's concerns. Is there any reason they wouldn’t want to get started today? How confident to they feel about achieving success? This will allow you to alleviate any concerns they may have whilst you still face to face. Be sure when you leave your meeting, your new client is 100% committed to working with you. They don’t have to be dancing around with excitement, but some enthusiasm will do. Otherwise, there is always a chance they will have buyer’s remorse and later on, back out of the deal. For more tips on obtaining clients for your Personal Training business, check out our articles It’s All About Positioning! Exercise Your Referrals and Reasons Your Clients Need You! Go get em! Got what it takes? Our part-time courses are actually ideal for those that are looking to get ahead, without interfering with current work commitments or even compromising that crammed social schedule! Our popular Focus Training courses relating to this blog post on pop on your salesman's cap! include our gym instructor courses, exercise referral courses, sports massage courses and the extremely popular personal trainer courses. You'll study at home using our online study portal and be supported all of the way by our experienced Focus Training tutors. You'll also be asked to attend one of our venues to learn the practical skills you'll have to put your learning into practice. All our courses are actually intended to provide you with the essential tools to become a fully-certified fitness professional. Via our main page you can find more educational information on personal training courses.