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Can Social Media Help You Lose Weight?

In the modern age of fitness, it is the norm for people to be bombarded with fitness content across their social media feeds. This shift towards fitness is definitely positive, but how does social media itself impact the way we keep fit. A recent study shows that the impact that social media has is dependent […]

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Keep Fit & Healthy With Specialist Training

As we continue to live in a world that is becoming more and more focused on health and fitness, more people are looking for new ways to stay healthy and keep fit. This holds huge potential for getting the public fit and going further with fitness careers, as it is possible for Personal Trainers to […]


World Mental Health Day – Benefits of Fitness on Our Mental Health

Today is World Mental Health Day, which means as we work in the fitness industry, we see it fit that we outline the huge benefits that having an active lifestyle can have on our mental health. In 2014, the Mental Health Foundation did a study which showed that almost 20% of people in the UK […]

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Case Study – Isabella Martinez

We have spoken to one of our former students turned reputable Personal Trainer to see what life is like in the industry. We cover some expert tips for new professionals and how the fitness industry is opening up opportunities for Personal Trainers. See how Isabella Martinez has used our courses to fuel her career…   […]


Meet a Student – Colette Ferguson

Colette came to Focus knowing that she wanted a new career path, but wasn’t confident going into the fitness industry without reputable training to back her up. Take a look at Colette’s story. When did you first get into fitness? I have been into fitness for the last 6 years properly. I had set a […]

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An Expert Opinion on Meal Replacements

The debate on meal replacements and maintaining a healthy lifestyle has taken a boost recently, as the meal replacement drink Soylent will be available in the UK from Thursday 4th October; sparking big debate in the sports nutrition and health industries as a whole. Soylent is a drink that has an aim to take away […]


How This Personal Trainer Created a Brand to Attract Celebrity Clients

If you were to walk past Chris Brickley in the street, you wouldn’t think that he is responsible for training some of the biggest stars in Basketball, music and general pop culture. Although having the biggest stars ringing his phone 24/7 was not always the case, as he stated in a recent interview with Highsnobiety. Brickley […]


Make the Most of National Fitness Day

Wednesday 26th September 2018 is National Fitness Day, and for fitness lovers across the UK, it’s a good opportunity to get involved with local communities and the campaign towards a fitter, healthier society. Its aim is to encourage everyone to enjoy and appreciate the fun of physical activity whatever their age or fitness level. It’s […]

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What is Takes to be a Successful Personal Trainer

With the fitness industry growing, there are now more options for Personal Trainers and other fitness professionals to set themselves apart from the rest. This opens massive opportunities for professionals, but it can also lead to confusion when it comes to what really lets employers and clients know that you are a quality trainer. We have […]

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You’re never too old for a new career

Here at focus HQ it seems like fitness is never far from people’s minds but, according to the NHS are in an ‘epidemic of inactivity’, which is a problem that needs tackling sooner, rather than later. We couldn’t agree more. To help the falling rate of activity across the UK, the government and national health agency […]



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