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nutrition for better strength

How Nutritional Advisers Can Further the Potential of Resistance Training

In today’s fitness industry, we are seeing many more Personal Trainers take their Level 3 Personal Trainer qualifications further to expand their skills into other areas of fitness. For Personal Trainers who have gone on to get their Level 3 Nutrition for Sports & Exercise Performance qualification to offer nutrition advice, the potential to make an even […]

millennial fitness

Millennials Aren’t The Most Active Age Group in UK

As fitness grows, it becoming part of daily life for many more people, with social media and even TV being filled with sports-related content. With fitness becoming common, many would think that Millenials and younger age groups are the most active when it comes to fitness, but a recent study has shown that this is […]

cardio performance for longer life

Better Cardiorespiratory Fitness Leads to Longer Life

Within the health and fitness industry, there has been a large amount of research looking into different forms of exercise and their ability to improve health and even extend life expectancy. Previous research has shown that running can reduce signs of ageing, but now, new research has found that there is a definite link between […]

exercise recovery methods

How to Recover After Exercise & Further Your Progression

When it comes down to fitness, we are seeing more people choose to get active. With many people overtraining when they keep fit, recovery and rehabilitation are becoming much more important to the everyday person, rather than just the professional athletes. Down to there being various approaches to recovery and rehabilitation following training, it can […]

fitness tech for analysing health

Is Fitness Tech More Effective Than a Trip to The Doctors?

As fitness grows, we are seeing the rise of fitness technology, which can come in many forms, from fitness trackers to mobile apps and at home tech. With many people using their fitness technology for tracking exercise rates and the number of steps they can do a day, the impact of this tech-based revolution is […]

Over 55's need for fitness

Almost Half of Britain’s Over 55’s Don’t See Exercise as Important

It is well-known that many adults across the UK are inactive, with even 1 out of 4 avoiding exercise. Now, new research by Nuffield Health has shown that many of Britain’s over 55’s don’t see fitness as a necessary and important part of daily life. Nuffield Health carried out a survey looking at 2,000 people […]

how to become a nutritionist compressor

4 Top Tips for Getting Into Nutrition for Sports & Exercise

When it comes to fitness careers, more people now go beyond basic qualifications to expand their career. One area of fitness that many Personal Trainers always state they want more knowledge in is nutrition,. Industry recognised Nutrition qualifications now make it possible for people to use their enhanced nutrition knowledge to expand their client base […]

push up capacity compressor

How Press Ups Can Help Predict Cardiovascular Disease

The World Health Organisation state that there are around 18 million cardiovascular-related deaths per year; making it an area of health that needs to be focused to aid prevention. A recently published study has shown that the number of push-ups that a man can do could, in fact, relate to their risk of cardiovascular disease. Previously, […]



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