Over 60% of the UK will be overweight by 2030.

According to new predictions from the World Health Organisation, three in every four men and two in every three women in the UK will be overweight by 2030.

As obesity rates throughout the UK continue to rise, it seems that the numerous campaigns surrounding cutting down on fat and sugar haven’t made a dent in the issue.

In some of Europe’s worst-performing countries, including Ireland, the WHO predicts that “almost all adults” will be overweight within 15 years. The UK will remain in the top third of European nations, in terms of rates of overweight and obesity.

Experts say that these predictions are based on several different studies and trends, though they all still point towards “an obesity crisis of enormous proportions”.

Tam Fry, of the National Obesity Forum, has said that declining living standards since the recession have harmed efforts to drive down obesity rates among the poor.

Many people struggling financially turn to processed foods and ready-made meals containing high amounts of fat, sugar and salt, in place of the more costly but higher quality, fresh foods.

Overcoming obesity is a long-term process and although processed foods and cheap eats have contributed to the issue, lack of exercise also plays a crucial part. So it’s important that those within the fitness industry, such as personal trainers, stress the importance of fitness as part of a healthy and long-term lifestyle.

Educating the nation on what the body needs to function effectively, and how to prepare simple, healthy, and realistic meals will make a huge impact in the number of diet and obesity-related health issues within the UK. Not to mention the 33,000 premature deaths linked to being overweight.

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