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Online Personal Training | Hit Or Miss?

In the age of technology, we're finding fresher, more convenient ways to get our workouts. We're more pushed for time than ever, and increasingly on the hunt for the best fitness advice, we can lay our hands-on. So, it's no surprise that online personal training is rising rapidly, as clients want the benefit of expert guidance, from the comfort of their own homes. Many find this new 'virtual' form of training saves valuable time, and money compared to working one a one-to-one basis with a Personal Trainer in the gym. For Personal Trainers, it allows them to train more clients in less time, saving on travel and maximising the opportunity to earn. We take a look at the pros and cons of this latest form of fitness training, to give you the low down on whether it's the right path for you as a Personal Trainer...

The Pros

Cast Your Net A Little Wider

It's now easier than ever before to find fitness advice at the click of a button. If your advice is reputable and credible, you open up opportunities to share your pearls of wisdom with much more of the world.

A good reputation can travel a long way in the fitness arena, so as an Online Personal Trainer, location knows no bounds. Not only can you train clients on an international level, but you'll have the chance to be recognised by leading fitness influencers across the globe, who might make for great future partnerships.

Create An Online Personal Training Portfolio

Unlike Personal Trainers that predominantly work within a gym or health club, Online Trainers are able to offer much more of a socially connected approach. Video tutorials, snippets of your sessions and testimonials from clients across the world will all make for a strong online portfolio of your services and expertise.

No Limits

Got a phone? You can deliver online personal training sessions from anywhere, any time. No restrictions on travel, gym opening times or clients' schedules. Set up, and get going.

Ongoing Business

Clients aren't just venturing online for training sessions. They're looking for ongoing support and guidance. Once you're established, the power of the internet allows you to broaden your services to offer additional fitness support. Think downloadable nutritional guides, personalised video workout plans, assessment of weekly food diaries... all bringing with them opportunities to earn more from existing clients. Plus, social media sharing adds another chance to get your personal brand seen!

The Cons

Technique Check

When working with clients face-to-face, a good Personal Trainer will be constantly monitoring for correct technique. Poor technique can lead to a lack of results, slow performance and often injuries. As an online Personal Trainer, you'll need to be that bit more safety-savvy to ensure that your sessions are conducted clearly and effectively enough to maintain top technique.


Sure, you've delivered a winning workout programme, maybe via email, or video link. Though how will you know that your clients actually stuck to it? One of the main reasons clients fall off the fitness wagon is a lack of motivation, producing poor results. Working with a Personal Trainer in the gym involves the effort of getting to the gym, and getting it done. Online programmes are much easier to give a miss, leading to a slippery slide down the motivational slope.

Cabin Fever

Working with numerous different clients every day in a thriving gym setting is perfect for sociable types that just love to be around people. As an online personal trainer, your regular company will most likely be your favourite playlist and your trusty laptop. If you're not the type of person that works well alone, and in solitary confinement, this may not be the right route for you. All work and no play... If you're considering becoming an Online Personal Trainer, you'll need all the skills and attributes of a great Personal Trainer, plus that extra forward-thinking and savvy to ensure your clients are maximising their chances to achieve their goals in what will be a very faceless working partnership.

For those that have what it takes, the rewards are ready and waiting.

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