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National Trivia Day | Fitness Facts

In the spirit of National Trivia Day, the world is tweeting their favourite golden nuggets of wisdom. So we’ve rounded up a few fitness facts of our own…

Almost half of Brits began ‘Pre-toxing’ (attempting to lose weight and feel good) in the run up to festive season, but only a third (35%) actually will manage to see their diet and fitness regime through to the end of January. A great time for tenacious Personal Trainers!

January 19th is the day most New Year’s fitness resolutions come to an end. (Really? Show me more)

Home Fitness

Researchers have reviewed 120 years worth of historical information, which suggests that there could be a maximum limit to our fitness levels and that we’ve finally hit the top. (Have we reached our peak?)

Britain has the highest numbers of overweight people in the EU with almost 30% of women and just under 27% men now reported as overweight. The obesity crisis is in full swing.

Students now spend nearly four times more on fitness than they did a decade ago.

Healthy Eating

The average woman spends a whopping six years of her life on a diet.

Exercise helps to relieve stress by reducing stress hormones and increasing our happy hormones.

One brisk walk in the great outdoors each week could cut an older woman’s risk of early death by 70 percent. Great news for our Older Adult Fitness Coaches! 

Those who increase their activity levels to 150 minutes a week (that’s around 21 minutes a day) can enjoy a life expectancy increase by more than three years. Read more.

Fitness Running

Exercising outdoors helps to boost self-esteem. How?

Exercising to music can reduce pain, make us workout more efficiently, and for longer. (Show me!)

Brits waste a whopping £558 million each year on unused gym memberships, with one in ten admitting they haven’t actually visited their gym for twelve months.

Any fitness facts of your own for #NationalTriviaDay?


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