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Moving With The Times

As the world of health & fitness continues to change, folk are becoming much more health-conscious than they were back in the day, and much more creative when it comes to their fitness routine. As a Personal Trainer, understanding not only what people want, but how to deliver it, is key to ensuring successful business relationships and that clients achieve their goals. So are we keeping up to date with trends and new ways of working out? We should be! Knowing what's hot with our clients means knowing exactly how we can add that extra boost!

Freestyle Training

Gone are the days of pounding treadmills in military-style lines - gymgoers want space to exercise and savvy professionals to help them along the way. Open plan training zones where gymgoers can train amongst friends have begun to crop up in gyms across the country since becoming hugely popular. Kettlebell training, boxing and toning programmes can be done in a designated corner, alone or in groups for extra motivation! Personal Trainers that have completed our Pure Fit Courses hold an advantageous edge in being able to stay ahead of the game when it comes to these new exercise trends, and offering additional nutritional and program planning services to boot!

Group Fitness

Gym folk no longer want the same old routine, with the same old machines. They're getting creative. In their masses! The rise in single concept facilities such as indoor cycling studios cross-fit and yoga has brought a whole new demographic of fitness fans to the traditional gym setting. The new generation of gymgoers likes to keep it social, and different! They expect variety in programmes and techniques whilst being motivated by those around them as opposed to trudging along on the treadmill solo style. They share ideas, diet plans, tricks and tips. For the qualified Group Fitness Instructor, this means having to hand all of the necessary advice and information to deliver to a new, much wider audience.

The Non-Gymers

For many fitness fanatics, it’s not as simple as signing up to join the local gym. Many people don’t have the time, means of travel or facilities available to them. Others, just prefer the great outdoors! As a personal trainer, this group of individuals represents a large part of your target audience. And a large number of prospects you’re missing out on when prospecting for new clients. They choose to exercise, maybe even could use a little support, however, there’s rarely a personal trainer hanging around by the local park waiting to ask how they’re getting on! As an Outdoor Fitness Coach, your opportunities as a personal trainer open to up include not just those battling it out on the treadmill in the gym, but the increasing number of people that get their daily regime done outdoors. Those qualified in this specialist area can add a whole new level to exercise regimes done effectively and safely outside of the gym setting.

The Kids Are Getting Involved

As childhood obesity began to hit an all-time high, the average gym-goer got younger to include young children and teens. Those with a recognised qualification in Kids Fitness know how to teach safe and appropriate fitness programmes to children of all ages. An area that 20 years ago was virtually unheard of, but one that will grow immensely over the next decade.

Age Is No Longer A Factor

It seems exercise and fitness have no age limit as more and more older adults continue to keep an active lifestyle. An Older Adult Fitness Professional will be fully up to speed on the latest techniques appropriate for this niche but expanding demographic, and understand that training will be very different from that of younger clients. With the UK fitness industry currently pushing a worth of £3.81billion, it shows no signs of throwing in the towel. Far from it - the nation is getting up from the sofa and opting for a lifestyle that will see them through into a healthy old age. They're starting younger and continuing much later. They know what they want, where they can get it and are much savvier about who they get it from. Those Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals that stay ahead of the game in moving with the times are those that will continue with the nation in years to come. Speak to our team about our range of specialist professional fitness courses to find the right one for you.
With the adaptable start dates of ours as well as locations near you, putting up your brand new PT training profession with us is not hard! In case you're learning in the UK you are going to want to make certain that you are able to get the level of your level 3 certificate; which the internet individual trainer program certificate you get is accredited by the Registry of Exercise Professionals. Our preferred Focus Training courses associated with this particular blog post on moving with the times include our fitness instructor courses, exercise referral course, sports massage course and the extremely popular personal training courses. Focus Training individual trainer classes, as well as credentials, are worldwide recognised, with learning facilities as well as tutors all over the UK. Via our home page, you are able to find much more informative info on pt courses.