Motivating The Gym Swervers.

The nights are getting darker, the air is feeling a tad nippy and we're definitely waving goodbye to summer. This is the time of year when many gym-goers start to slack in their fitness efforts, in favour of cosying up indoors after a hard day's graft.

Personal Trainers hear hundreds of fairly creative excuses for ducking the gym. According to a survey by, 90% of the nation has admitted to making an excuse to ditch the fitness regime. 39% claim to be 'too tired', while 28% say they were 'held up at work'. Amongst the most popular...

  • 'I won't go today, but I'll work extra hard tomorrow' (18%)
  • 'The weather is too nice to be stuck in the gym' (13%)
  • 'I find the gym boring' (13%)
  • 'The gym will be too busy' (10%)
  • 'I have social plans' (9%)

Of course, we don't all feel like heading to the gym all of the time, so a day off to rest here and there keeps us happy and healthy. Yet, many people can quickly become unmotivated to keep up their exercise regime when the results are slow to appear. Gym users can very quickly ditch their attempts to get fitter when the weight doesn't start dropping off, or their performance doesn't improve. Sometimes it can be fixed with a simple technique tweak, but without expert guidance, they become demotivated with their efforts and often throw the towel in altogether.

For Personal Trainers and qualified Gym Instructors, keeping gym members motivated to maintain their fitness levels not only leads to results but also makes it more likely that they'll stick to it as a long term habit.

So how can we motivate the nation to stick at it, rather than let a summer of hard work go to ruin?


Hectic working schedules and social commitments make it hard to cram a gym session into the day. So make it easy for your clients. If they're a social butterfly, plan their training sessions in the morning to kick-start their day. Slow risers? Consider a lunchtime workout or meet at the gym straight after work so that they're not tempted to head straight home and curl up on the sofa.


Motivation comes in different styles for different people. What inspires one person doesn't inspire everyone else. So, tailor your workout based on your client's individual goals and aspirations.

What does healthy mean to them? Maintaining a certain dress size? Being able to run a marathon? As long as they're passionate about it, they will be more inclined to get there. Plan their session in the best way to meet their goals, not what you think they want to achieve.


Exercise shouldn’t be a chore. Though many newbies find that they quickly become bored of pounding the treadmill and working their way around the gym floor. As a personal trainer, it’s your job to ensure that exercise is effective, yet enjoyable. So clients suffering a bout of boredom may well just need an injection of creativity.

Partner Up

Research suggests that working out with a friend could have the potential to boost workout intensity and duration by up to 200%. So if you can train numerous clients at one time, you'll maximise your hourly fee, create a sense of community and deliver results for those who are motivated by working out with friends. If you're training two clients that aren't already acquainted, try to ensure they both have similar fitness levels. Competitive training sessions are not always motivational!


Fitness first-timers and gym newbies often need a little guidance on getting to grips with gym equipment and understanding what they need to do to achieve their fitness goals. As a personal trainer, you can work with those in need of some motivation, to create safe, effective exercise programmes and nutritional advice in order to start them off on the right foot.

As a qualified Personal Trainer, you'll be equipped not only to provide expert advice on techniques, diet plans and use of equipment. You'll be ready to create tailored, personalised fitness plans based on an individuals fitness goals. You'll coach, monitor and motivate them as the results start to show, and turn gym time into a challenge, rather than a chore. (The Real Role of a Personal Trainer)

Even us Personal Trainers have days off from the gym. Though when we do, there's no need to create elaborate excuses... as we know full well we'll be back on it tomorrow.

If you're considering becoming a Personal Trainer, speak to the team about our range of courses, or find a venue local to you.