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Personal Trainer Sarah Tremble

It was entrepreneur Victor Kiam who coined the phrase, “I liked it so much… I bought the business”, well that’s exactly what Focus Training graduate Sarah Tremble has done at the gym which helped her transform her life for the better. Today, the proud owner of Serendipity Ladies Fitness Centre in Selby, North Yorkshire, Sarah runs an exciting business which she has developed over the past couple of years and plans to expand more in the future. Wind the clock back 10 years and a very different Sarah could not have foreseen what a future in the fitness industry would hold. Sarah explains: “I had been working as a travel agent for seven years and was really struggling with my weight and bouts of depression. I visited my doctor and was advised that I needed to make some lifestyle changes to become healthier and so the first thing I did was join a small local gym called Body Bits. This was a turning point. Thanks to the encouragement of the team there, and in particular the gym owner Nigel, I got my weight down from size 18 to size 10. “I loved it, I really enjoyed working out and I also took up Thai boxing which I did twice a week. In the gym, I chatted to people and enjoyed helping them too so when Nigel was looking for the staff he encouraged me to become qualified and offered me a job in the gym. “Nigel had gained his qualifications through Focus Training and he kindly funded my initial Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification. I gained my Level 3 Personal Trainer and then with Focus Training have completed the Ante and Postnatal, Exercise Referral and just recently, the Lower Back Pain course. I really like the style of learning with Focus Training, it’s very enjoyable and coupled with the funding available through an Advanced Learner Loan, it made it possible for me to gain the skills and knowledge I required. “For a long time I had personally struggled with my eating, some days eating far too much and other days not enough. For that reason, I also decided to do the nutrition course and now I manage my diet much better and have the knowledge to advise my clients too.” In 2015 gym owner Nigel decided that it was time for him to retire and he gave Sarah first option to buy the gym. Since then she has not looked back. She says her first year was crazy as she re-branded the gym, introduced new classes and really put her own stamp on the way they work with clients. “It’s a ladies-only gym and we aim to give a personal service. Everyone has a 1-1 induction and individual programme and then we try to give as much personal input with them each time they visit our gym.” As for the future, Sarah is ambitious to continue to expand her business with more space additional services. She plans to continue to study with Focus and we wish her the best of luck and feel sure she will, quite literally, go from strength to strength. If you would like more information on how to kick start your career in fitness, we can help, just call our team on 0800 999 6664. Have you've what it takes? You have a fondness for fitness, ambitions to create an attitude that will not change. You have the makings of a future fitness leader. Our popular courses relating to this blog post personal trainer Sarah Tremble include our personal trainer courses, gym instructor courses, exercise referral courses and the ever-popular sports massage courses. Whether you would like to coach members at your local health club, lead your own studio classes or perhaps get the little folks moving. A Level 2 personal training diploma course qualification is exactly where it all begins. All our courses are actually intended to provide you with the essential tools to become a fully certified fitness professional. Via our home page, you are able to find personal trainer courses.