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Meet a Student - See What It's Like to Learn With us

We get a lot of learners who come to us with the aim of making a career out of fitness. We believe that it is our duty to prepare these fitness lovers for going into the fitness industry and doing things that make a positive impact on those who they train and interact with. This is why we love seeing our students take their skills and qualifications further by doing great things within the fitness industry. Meet Georgia, who has gained her qualifications and is now running her own Personal Training business. Hi Georgia, thanks for your time. What courses have you done with ourselves so far? Hi, I have done my Level 2 Gym Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer course with yourselves up to now, but I am looking into doing the Sports Conditioning to really test myself. What are your thoughts on the courses you have done so far? Both of them were really enjoyable and really useful. When I was doing my Level 2, I wasn't too sure how well I would manage it, because I had never really done any fitness qualifications before. Even though I wasn't too sure, the phone support and course tutors helped to explain things really well to make sure that I knew everything I needed to before starting to study. When I got into the course, I really started to enjoy things, because I was well-organised and knew what I was getting myself into. Because I knew what I needed to know, and I could get support if it was needed, I could crack on with studying without worrying. As far as my Level 3 course goes, things never changed. Even though I had been on a course before, they still helped to organise and manage the course content before starting to study. You mentioned the Tutor Support. What are your thoughts on the Tutor Support and calls? Amazing. I had Phil as my Tutor and he was so nice and helped me stay calm when things were getting a bit tough. This really made a difference and helped me to stay organised. The fact that the calls are scheduled in advance makes sure that you have more than enough time to get the home study done before the calls. Because I was being set a manageable amount of work between calls, I could use them as milestones when I was studying. Because of this, I used the Tutor calls as mini-tests to make sure I was on track. Even though the calls were scheduled, I could tell that the Tutors actually cared because I could send Phil an email or give the office a call if I had any problems, and this meant that I could carry on studying at all times. What do you do for work now? Do you use your qualifications? I am a Personal Trainer, but I have gone private and I am currently trying to build up my client base. I have my own studio, and I am really committed to making things work on my own. From the training I have done so far, I know I have what it takes to do well, so I am going to work hard. I think adding Strength and Conditioning will help too, because it's another way that I can get involved and help my clients. Throughout the courses, did you use the resources and the student portal at all? Yeah, it was all really useful. The manuals were good because I had them to hand so I could make quick notes or put a marker on anything I wanted to go back to. The videos were good because they gave me a chance to look at any specific exercises or methods that I wanted to look into more. Especially in my Level 2 Gym, they were useful because I could look at the right methods and form for each exercise that I was adding into my sessions. It's great to hear that you enjoyed the courses and they have been able to help you get to where you want to be in the industry. Overall, Georgia is a prime example of how the fitness industry is growing and how fitness lovers can now easily turn their passion into a career. To see more of what our students think of our courses, take a look at more of our learner case studies. Decide if you have what it takes. Personal trainers require a multitude of skills! Sure, you’ll have a passion for fitness and an understanding of what the role of a personal trainer involves. But to cut it, you’ll also need to be analytical, patient, persistent, organised, a strong motivator and, most importantly, a good listener. Our popular courses relating to this blog post meet a student - see what it's like to learn with us include our personal trainer courses, gym instructor courses and the ever popular sports massage courses. You don’t have to look like a body builder to become a personal trainer, but you should definitely lead a healthy lifestyle to be a good role model for your clients. All our courses are designed to give you the necessary tools to become a fully-certified fitness professional. Alternatively via our home page you can find personal trainer courses.