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Meet a Student - See How Our Learners Go Beyond Within Fitness

When we train our students, we don't aim to get them out of the door as quickly as possible; we aim to prepare them to step into the fitness industry with the skills and experience they need to do well. This is why we are so passionate about catching up with our students to see what their time training with us was like and how they have gone on to use their qualifications to do great things within fitness. Meet Lee Parker, who has been with us for his Level 2 Gym, Level 3 Personal Trainer, PURE Circuit, Exercise Referral and his Level 4 Lower Back Pain Specialist courses. See what Lee thought about his time with us and what his qualifications have allowed him to do. Hi Lee, thanks for your time. Over the many courses you have been with us for, what are your thoughts on the courses you have been on so far? All of my courses were great, and most of all they were enjoyable. From doing my Level 2 all the way to doing my Lower Back Pain course and the Ante/Post-Natal course that I am currently completing, it has been nothing but enjoyable, which makes things a lot easier. The mix of theory and practical sessions was useful because it helped to actually practice what I had read about, instead of diving in headfirst without actually having any experience doing it. That's great to hear, making our courses enjoyable is something we always set out to do. So, which of the courses would you say you enjoyed the most or found most useful? For the one that I enjoyed the most, I'd say that it's got to be the Lower Back Pain course. I really enjoy all of the technical stuff, and the Lower Back Pain was filled with loads of technical stuff that because of my previous courses wasn't too difficult to grasp. But, if I was to choose the most useful, it would be the Exercise Referral, because I have been able to take it into my career and I still use what I learned for myself and others. You said that you use the Exercise Referral content in your career? What is it that you do in your career? I was originally a Personal Trainer, but now I work at Liverpool Airport in the fire department but as part of work we keep fit and participate in occupational health fitness sessions. Previously, we would have to outsource our training, but by gaining my qualifications we can use internal training, which makes things a lot easier. It's not only me who has the qualifications, as a lot of my colleagues have trained with you through work because they are all encouraged to take up the qualifications. That's amazing, it always surprises me how many ways people apply their training in their lives. When you started out training with us, what motivated you to go out and get your fitness qualifications? When I was looking to do my Level 2, I was actually looking to become a Personal Trainer, so I would say that was my main motivation, but after completing my Level 2, I realised how much I enjoyed the courses and the fitness stuff in general, so I decided to carry on going. When I got my Level 3, I was a Gym Manager with David Lloyd, so training has really been helping me since way before joining Liverpool Airport. Every time I completed a course, I was always looking for another one that might be useful, I guess it's just because they're great courses in general. What are your thoughts on the Tutor support that was available throughout the courses? Amazing. Honestly, the support was quality. From day one I kicked off a great relationship with my Tutor who was Lee. Lee was really helpful on all of the calls and was even willing to help whenever I had any little annoying questions. I think that because I knew Lee was so easy to get on with, I could get through the calls and get the support I needed to understand any content not get stressed trying to get my head around the difficult stuff. Honestly, the Tutor support made a world of difference, Lee was great. That's great to hear, our Tutors actually care about helping learners succeed and it really shows. What did you think of the student resources and portal that were on offer for the courses? When I first went on the portal to access the resources, I was surprised at how much of it I actually used. Usually, a lot of manuals are packed with pointless stuff that just makes learning more work, but these ones were easy to get through. I personally prefer reading when I am learning, but the fact that the manuals aren't the only resource is really good because not everyone prefers reading, some prefer videos or diagrams. The fact that there are all of these is good, and it gives you something extra to look at, which helped when things were tough to understand at first. Thanks for your time Lee, it was really good speaking with you and I'm really happy that you got the experience that we always aim to maintain on our courses. Personal training courses for your career. If you’re a fitness enthusiast who wants to share your passion for health, love of fitness and help others in their quest for the body beautiful… a career as a personal trainer may just be for you! Our popular courses relating to this blog post meet a student - see how our learners go beyond within fitness include our personal trainer courses, gym instructor courses and the ever-popular sports massage courses. As with any career change, it’s important to consider what it will take to get there and make a success of your shiny new fitness career. So we’ve put together a few pointers on how to get started. 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