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Meet a Student - Justine, Personal Trainer & Mum

When it comes to our students, we are passionate about making their time with us as stress-free and enjoyable as possible; helping them to have a hassle-free time with us. We know that a lot of students have life commitments that can't simply be put aside, so it is essential for us to tailor each student's course progression and support to suit them, their lifestyle and their needs. A prime example of this is Justine, who is now a Personal Trainer and Mum. As she is still furthering her qualifications, we make sure to tailor her learning experience to make things manageable. See what Justine has to say about our courses and her time with us. Hi Justine, thanks for taking the time to talk, I know you're really busy with the business and looking after the little one. It's fine, I've loved training with yourselves so I'm more than happy to talk. So, what courses have you done with us?

I have done all of my courses with yourselves. I have done my Level 2 Gym, Level 3 PT, GP Exercise Referral, Obesity & Diabetes, the Toolkit, and I'm also currently doing my Pilates qualification, so I guess you could say that I've done quite a bit.

That's impressive! It's nice to see learners coming back for more. What are your thoughts on the courses you have done? Well, as you can probably tell with the number of courses I have done, they are honestly amazing. From doing my Level 2, all the way to now, the courses have been so good that I have never had a reason not to come back. I just really like how you do things. That's great, it's good to hear we're motivating people to always learn more! With all the courses you have done, are there are that you enjoyed the most or find the most useful? I would say that I enjoyed them all around the same, the tutor support on calls and course days never changed, it was always great. I would say there are 3 courses that I found most useful, my Level 2 Gym, Level 3 Personal Trainer and the 'Toolkit'. My Level 2 was definitely most useful because it gave me the basic knowledge that I needed to start my career. On top of this, choosing the Diploma instead of just Level 2 or 3 meant I could go straight on to my Level 3 learning when I had passed Level 2, and this really helped take the basic knowledge further. It was definitely worth doing, as I still use so much of that knowledge now. The Personal Trainer Toolkit really helped because it gave me experience in other areas of training that I didn't already have, so on top of it allowing me to offer new sessions, it gave me a look into different learning and training styles, which really helped me to build my confidence. A lot of people say that about the Toolkit. Learners seem to like the diversity and experience it offers. On your courses, what did you think of the Tutor support that was on offer? There is nothing bad I could ever say about the Tutor support both on the course days and on my support calls. I think that the fact that you are able to schedule calls makes things so much more manageable, especially since I have my little one to look after. Being able to schedule a call at times that suited me helped me to organise things a lot better and know that I would be able to get the time I needed for the calls. It wasn't just the scheduling that helped; the whole tutor system is amazing because all of the tutors are understanding and know things can get hard, so they are more than willing to help if anything gets tough. Even though the tutor calls were scheduled, it helped that I could drop my tutor an email or give them a call to cover any questions I had; it really helped with learning because I knew I could rely on my tutor whenever I needed them. Making the Tutor support focused around each learner really does bring results, you would be surprised at how many students say that. Since getting your qualifications, have you used them at all? Yeah, I'm a Personal Trainer, so I use all of my qualifications and what I have learned every day. I used to train mainly private clients, but now I focus on more public and group training sessions. I find that because I have gone beyond just the Level 2 and 3 qualifications that I can do more with my sessions with clients, because I can use what I have learned in each course to keep adapting my sessions and keep things fun and interesting, and this really helps with some clients. To be fair, I don't just use my training at work, I also use it at home for my husband's and my fitness, because it saves a lot of time and money with Training, because I can do it all myself. My husband plays semi-professional Football, so I am always creating new workouts and nutrition plans to help him train. If he has a certain problem, the stuff I have learned in my specialist courses helps me to create plans to help make it better. That impressive! You really are applying your skills in any way you can, it's great to see! When learning, what did you think of the resources available and the student portal? The resources were actually really helpful. I didn't think that I would use the manual so much, but it was really useful to have to hand. It helped that I knew that what was in the manual was more than enough to make me confident on each topic. With the manual, the tutor calls helped, as I used them as little mini-tests throughout each course. The videos were also really good; they were easy to go back to and find specific training videos and exercise examples. With things like specific exercise videos for the Level 2 course, it's a lot easier to watch the videos to get a demonstration that it is to read about it. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk Justine, I really appreciate how hard it can be to juggle work and looking after kids. I'm really happy that you enjoy learning with us and I wish you all the best with your learning in the future! Don’t stop evolving. The fitness arena is a tough one to compete in. The most successful personal trainers don’t settle. They keep developing to ensure they stay ahead of the game. Our popular courses relating to this blog post meet as a student - Justine, personal trainer & Mum include our personal trainer courses, gym instructor courses and the ever-popular sports massage courses. There are a number of ways you can now maximise your chances of having a successful career in the industry. Gather a little inspiration for your next steps. All our courses are designed to give you the necessary tools to become a fully-certified fitness professional. Alternatively, via our home page, you can find personal trainer courses.