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Ditch The Drugs For Lower Back Pain

Exercise Is Best For Lower Back Pain

Millions of Brits are needlessly prescribed strong painkillers, told to rest or undergoing unnecessary surgery in an effort to treat lower back pain. This is despite growing evidence that regular exercise and strategic stretching techniques are more effective for soothing the symptoms of back pain. Now the leading cause of disability in the UK, lower back pain is over 10% of all serious health complaints and costs the NHS £2.1 billion each year. However a study in The Lancet medical journal found that treatments are going against international guidelines, with patients being prescribed Opioid pain killers, referred for surgery and told to take it easy on the physical activity. NHS watchdog NICE advises that people with back pain are prescribed exercise, drugs such as ibuprofen, or both at the same time for treatment of symptoms. But growing evidence shows that painkillers can do more harm than good, with massage, exercise and stretching techniques being more effective. Prescription drugs that include Morphine, Tramadol and Oxycodone provide patients with immediate relief of their symptoms, though lack in long term effectiveness at treating the underlying issue. So it's no surprise that the 40 per cent of back pain patients receiving painkillers find their symptoms return as soon as the drugs wear off. Light, regular exercise is a great way for lower back pain sufferers to ease their symptoms, without relying on prescription meds. Healthcare professionals are increasingly prescribing exercise for a number of health conditions, so naturally, lower back pain should be added to the list for exercise referral. It's a great time for those qualified in exercise referral to make a positive impact on the lives of those suffering from lower back pain, and avoid the need for unnecessary use of painkillers through targeted exercise techniques. If you're qualified in exercise referral and ready to progress your career to the next level, we've got your back. Do you have what it takes? Our part-time courses are perfect for those that want to get ahead, without interfering with current work commitments or compromising that crammed social schedule! Our popular courses relating to this blog post ditch the drugs for lower back pain include our personal trainer courses, gym instructor courses and the ever-popular sports massage courses. You’ll study at home using our online study portal and be supported all the way by our experienced Focus Training tutors. You’ll also be required to attend one of our venues to learn the practical skills you’ll need to put your learning into practice. All our courses are designed to give you the necessary tools to become a fully-certified fitness professional. Alternatively, via our home page, you can find personal trainer courses.