Fitness Instructor Course assessment

Lessons Learned!

Here at Focus Training, we’ve been producing some of the finest Personal Trainers in the UK for the past 15 years. After studying with Focus, many of our students have gone on to successful careers within the fitness industry. Of course, we like to keep in touch, and asked a range of Personal Trainers...

What Are The Key Lessons You’ve Learned As A Personal Trainer?

Their responses...
  • "Clients don't care about ME, what I've achieved, what magazines I write for, which celebrities I’ve worked with. Their main concern (and rightfully so) is their own progress."
  • "As important as it is to understand the 'technical' side of fitness, it's even more important to be good at marketing and sales."
  • "It's okay to turn prospective clients down or let go of clients who don't/won't/can't adhere to your 'rules."
  • "Sell something different. Any trainer can sell an 'hour' or a 'session'. Instead, sell the result; 10lbs weight loss, increased energy levels, completing a 10k run. Clients will value your service so much more."
  • "Take care of yourself! You can't be on form all of the time and it’s easy to get worn out when you’re training 4-5 times per day. Clients can relate to this and will appreciate your honesty. You’re no good to them if you’re not motivating them to succeed."
  • "You never know everything- you are always learning no matter how long you have been in this industry. It’s important to keep on learning."
  • "If a client is willing to pay hundreds of pounds for your services,make sure you have the best knowledge in as many areas as you can learn to be a better and more unique trainer."
  • "If you are not prepared to spend as much time marketing yourself than you do training, you are probably not going to be successful. Being a good personal trainer isn’t enough to beat the competition when it comes to getting clients. There are a lot of starving artists!"
  • "Specialise. It’s a tough business out there, but having a niche area of expertise will give you a great advantage."
  • "Make your client feel comfortable. Remember for the majority of people are new to training with a trainer, they might feel awkward, uncomfortable or nervous."
  • "Understand what motivates your client. This will facilitate client retention as well as client accountability."
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