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Leave The Diet Pills At The Door!

The battle with bodyweight is driving some women to desperate measures - including smoking and fasting. In a recent study of 1600 women aged 40 to 50, 14% reported using smoking as a weight-control strategy at least once a week, 22% were exercising in a "driven or compulsive way", and 5% were fasting. A small yet still worrying 1.8% were using laxatives or diuretics twice or more per week, and just over 1% used diet pills. The study, by PhD candidate Sook Ling Leong and Associate Professor Caroline Horwath, will be followed up next year with a survey of the same women to see what impact their weight-loss methods have had. Fad diets and short term weight loss trends are not only damaging to the body but detrimental to the motivation to lose weight. As a qualified Personal Trainer specialising in nutrition and weight management, you'll be equipped to provide women like these with the right tools and techniques to manage and maintain their body weight. You'll be qualified to compile professional diet and exercise plans that will help clients achieve real results, something no amount of Cayenne Pepper, Maple Syrup or cigarettes will do! As the nation begins to recognise the obesity crisis and individuals start to make a change to their lifestyles, as a Nutrition and Weight Management specialist, you could be the key to changing how they get there. Speak to the team about booking your Nutrition and Weight Management Course today! The passion of ours is assisting you to go after your own. That suggests offering unparalleled support as well as information, dealing with just the finest & most competent pros in the market, and dedicating ourselves entirely to the development and success of all the pupils of ours. Our preferred Focus Training courses associated with this particular blog post on leaving the diet pills at the door! include our fitness instructor courses, exercise referral course, sports massage course and the extremely popular personal training courses. The pupil is going to have a chance to access teachers as well as experts that can help them with the studies of theirs. Generally assignments and examinations are needed in order to finish the courses. Through our main page, you are able to find much more educational info on pt courses.