Fitness Instructor Course assessment

Is your client a T.O.F.I.?

Thin on the Outside, Fat on the Inside or skinny fat client as they are also know, we have all seen them, you know the ones that would rather not eat than train, but how does this affect them? Other than lacking any real muscle tone, this also leads to an increase in Visceral fat or fat stored around your internal organs as when calories are in short supply the body will increase fat storage, which is far more likely to lead to cardiovascular disease than subcutaneous fat stored near the surface. Visceral fat can also decrease your sensitivity to insulin contributing to type 2 diabetes. When the bodies cells can no longer respond to insulin, both the levels of insulin (hyperinsulinemia) and blood sugar (hyperglycemia) will remain very high in the blood stream. Very high levels of blood sugar make your pancreas work even harder to secrete more insulin to get blood sugar down. Very high levels of insulin make your cells even less responsive to insulin. The end result of long term insulin resistance…type 2 diabetes. So the moral of the story as always is there is no miracle cure.