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International Women's Day - Women Who Are Pioneering Fitness & Personal Training

As it is International Women's Day, we thought that we would look into how the fitness industry has changed and how Women are going on to do great things within the industry.

More and more Women are becoming qualified to train others in various areas of fitness, from Gym Instructing and weight-lifting to Nutrition and Recovery. Due to this, we have looked into some of the most influential female fitness professionals to give inspiration to those who want to turn their love for fitness into a career.

Shona Vertue - @shona_vertue Shona is a prime example of how women are carving their own career paths within fitness. Also known as David Beckham's Yoga Instructor, Shona specialises in Yoga and Resistance Training, which go hand in hand when it comes to Personal Training. With more people going beyond training sessions with their fitness efforts, it is no surprise that pros like Shona are getting involved. Resistance Training is an area of Personal Training and fitness that is closely related to poor mobility and flexibility, so the fact that she has been able to also specialise in Yoga means that she can further her involvement with the public by focusing on recovery and mobility as well as the gym sessions. After gaining over 10 years of experience, Shona now teaches and instructs for New Balance. Although Yoga is one of the most popular forms of recovery exercise, it is not just those with a passion for Yoga that are able to include recovery with clients. Now, more people are exploring and falling in love with Pilates, and due to this, there is now the option for fitness professionals to get themselves an industry-recognised Pilates Matwork course. These qualifications allow Trainers to take their expertise further and go beyond just training sessions; allowing them to take their involvements with clients further.

Hattie Grover - @hattie.grover Within fitness, the potential to progress into new roles and salaries is huge, and Hattie Grover shows just how effective dedication, credible qualifications and hard work can be when it comes to doing this. Hattie focuses on two areas of fitness that are popular among female participants; Aerial Yoga and dance-related fitness. Hattie is a Trainer at Gymbox and is also part of the Nike Training Club team; proving that with enough experience, the limits of where your expertise can take you are virtually endless. With years of experience being a Nike Training Club Trainer, Hattie has been able to get involved in two diverse areas of fitness and help others grow their love for Aerobic Yoga, which is a fun, yet massively under-utilised area of fitness. Along with this, Hattie has been able to train clients who are less experienced in fitness by providing dance-related sessions. With dance improving cognitive skills, as well as physical health, the potential of dance-related fitness sessions is huge, especially for Older Adults and less mobile demographics.

Becky Gentry - @becgentry Although many people aim to have a fitness career within studio classes and Personal Training, there are still many cardio and running lovers who want to apply their passion to help others keep fit and improve their health. A prime example of this is Becs Gentry, who is part of Equinox gyms and Nike+ Running Club. Becs uses her love for running and cardio training to help others get fit and improve their health. Being part of such a big community with Nike+ allows Becs to constantly adopt new methods and techniques that she tests with her own training and then applies to her training with clients. With running having huge health benefits for all age groups and genders, the impact that Becs is having on her clients' general wellbeing is huge. With running reducing signs of ageing; better cardio health leading to longer life and just 30 minutes of running being able to extend life span; the possibility for making a life-changing impact through running is huge. If you're looking to get into cardio and outdoor fitness sessions, take a look at gaining a YMCA Level 3 in Instructing Outdoor fitness.

Laura Hoggins - @laurabiceps With the focus around womens' fitness being to boost the rate of activity across the UK, it is no surprise that Laura Hoggins is one of the go-to names when it comes to Women's Personal Training. Laura specialises in Strength and Conditioning, which is an area of fitness that has previously been focused on by male fitness professionals. Although, as more research comes to light and stereotypes around Women's fitness are broken, there are now more Women choosing to add weight lifting to their schedule, with weight-lifting being improving both muscle and heart health. As this happens, Laura is using her skills and expertise to offer Strength and Conditioning classes; motivating more men and women to get into weight lifting and improve their health. Overall, Laura has been able to have a positive impact on hundreds of clients; helping to improve not just their strength, but their general health. Without gaining reputable fitness qualifications, Laura would not have been able to do such great things within fitness, so her story is a huge motivator for anyone looking to get into a fitness career to get reputable qualifications as soon as they can.

Tameka Small - @tamekasmall Tameka Small is a perfect example of how simply having a healthy outlook on life can be turned into a fitness career. Although we are seeing more people get fit, we are seeing a growing number of exercise-related injuries, and Tameka says that this is down to people not looking after their bodies enough, even if they are going to the gym. Tameka uses her Yoga qualifications and her genuine passion for bringing awareness to the importance of a healthy lifestyle to completely re-build the definition of what it means to be a fitness professional. Tameka's approach to fitness is focused more on helping clients maintain or build a healthy lifestyle to improve their overall wellbeing, rather than just focusing solely on their appearance. With the huge mental health benefits of exercise, this approach to fitness has huge potential, as it allows the public to look after their overall health, rather than just certain aspects of it such as fitness or strength. Overall, Tameka aims to encourage more people to look after their bodies, and that means going beyond the aesthetics to focus on things such as flexibility and mobility. As a whole, Tameka is the perfect inspiration for those who see themselves going towards fitness without the gym sessions. Overall, the impact that these fitness professionals are having on the industry is huge. With the UK being largely inactive, and some women find fitness unappealing, the work that these Trainers and Therapists is monumental not only to the future of the fitness industry but to the general health of the nation. If these pioneering fitness pros have inspired you to think about kickstarting or furthering your fitness career, get in touch with our team to find out more about the journey into fitness and how to get into the perfect fitness career for you. Personal trainer courses. You’ll already have a passion for fitness and a savvy for what the role of a personal trainer involves. But to make it in the fast-paced world of fitness, you’ll also need to be highly analytical, persistent, organised, a strong motivator and, most importantly, a good listener. You don’t have to look like a bodybuilder, but you should definitely be a role model in your lifestyle choices and have a passion for pushing boundaries. Our popular courses relating to this blog post international women's day - women who are pioneering fitness & personal training include our personal trainer courses, gym instructor courses and the ever-popular sports massage courses. When it comes to career prospects for personal trainers, the fitness industry has opened up a whole new range of choices. Our personal training courses give you direct support with tutors (experienced personal trainers). All our courses are designed to give you the necessary tools to become a fully-certified fitness professional. Alternatively, via our home page, you can find personal trainer courses.