Increasing Fitness Levels Leads To Increased Lifespan.

We all know exercise is good for us. Though it's not just about keeping trim and enjoying tip-top energy levels. Research has proven just how much increasing your activity levels, and therefore your fitness levels can improve your lifespan. A study of 6,600 people over 12 months, carried out by Vitality Health, revealed that those who increased their activity levels to 150 minutes a week (that's around 21 minutes a day) saw their life expectancy increase by more than three years.

It seems we're well are of the benefits of exercise too, as not only are gym memberships on the increase, we’re also hitting the gym more than we used to. According to a study by low-cost fitness company The Gym Group, the number of gym-goers that visit more than once a week has risen by over 20 per cent in the last five years.

150 minutes per week is the current national guideline amount of exercise for adults, but for those who struggle to find the time, have social commitments or addiction to The Great British Bake Off, getting to the gym isn't always convenient. So, it's been said that being active for just 90 minutes a week increased lifespans by 2.7 years and 60 minutes a week by 2.4 years.

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