Older adult

Making fitness more appealing in later life

Personal Trainers with the right fitness qualifications are creating new sessions that are tailored to older age groups. Sessions focus on activities that build not only physical ability but cognitive ability too.

Why are cognitive skills important?

Cognitive skills are abilities such as memory, mental speed, decision making and the ability to process new information. All of which are essential for leading a good quality of life in older age. If you can make a quick decision about the safest way to steady yourself you could avoid a fall.

Falls are a big concern for many older people. Around every 11 seconds, an older adult is treated for a fall, so it’s easy to understand the fear. But the right sessions can actually help reduce the risk of falls. New research by JAMA Internal Medicine shows that older adults who participate in long-term exercise lower their risk of falling. It looked at 40 separate trials consisting of around 22,000 participants. It found that those who had exercised for one year or more had a 12% overall reduction in falls compared to those who didn’t exercise at all.

Personal Trainers can help people improve their client’s cognitive skills. Introducing activities that require memory such as dance or circuit training is a great way to get people thinking. Varied workouts help people to put both the brain and body to the test. Make it fun and it doesn’t feel like you’re giving their brain a work out too.

More than just fitness

Fitness isn’t just about physical well being for many older adults. It can also help with their mental wellbeing. Endorphin boosts help everyone but exercise can also help combat loneliness. As people age, they are more likely to find themselves isolated. Regular activity helps bring people together, makes people feel part of something and can combat loneliness. Age UK are leading the charge in battling loneliness and they offer a great range of classes. The team at Age UK give older adults the opportunity to keep fit in a way that they really enjoy whilst getting the expert support that they need.

So how can it help me?

As a trainer, a great benefit of older adults’ market is that a good proportion of them are retired. That means that they are around in the times you’re likely to be less busy, especially if your current client base is mainly working professionals. So, targeting the retired market could be a great way to fill up any gaps in your schedule.

Need more skills? We can help. Our Older Adult fitness qualification gives you all the skills, knowledge and inspiration you need to work with older adults. Get in touch with our team to find how we can help you.


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