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How to Make Cardio Sessions Fun & Effective?

When it comes to training, most people focus on weight-based workouts, as this is what it takes to ‘tone up’. Although weight-based workouts have many benefits, such as improving muscle and heart strength, cardio is still essential to keep fit and make sure the body is working as it should. Although cardio is essential, it can be boring. So, what can personal trainers do? It’s important to make cardio sessions fun and enjoyable to keep clients motivated. We have outlined 4 ways that you can change up your cardio sessions.

Think Beyond Running

Cardio isn’t just running. While running is good for building core strength and losing weight, it can get boring. The fix? Think out of the ordinary to include cardio into your workout. Circuits, burpees, swimming, rowing, cycling, hula-hooping, dancing, the list can go on.

Challenge Yourself

Depending on how competitive your clients are, setting mini-challenges and competitions allow them to think beyond the strenuous aspect of the training and focus more on beating their personal best and smashing their targets. Adding a competitive edge to sessions makes training more than just cardio, which can play a big part in keeping clients motivated. When looking to make cardio more enjoyable and appealing, setting challenges can be one of the best options.

Try New Things

One of the good things about cardio is that you are not limited to what is in the gym. Cardio can either be done in the gym, at home or pretty much anywhere else. There is no excuse for cardio to be boring. You can switch up the intensity, duration, location and any other part of cardio exercise.

Group Exercise

Exercise groups work wonders when it comes to cardio. Human nature makes people compare and compete with others; allowing them to test and push themselves throughout sessions. Training people in groups have massive benefits, as classes encourage everyone to work hard to keep each other going. Peer motivation is something that works well in an exercise environment, as those who are struggling can get help and motivation from people who are in the same situation. Overall, making cardio sessions fun for everyone is next to impossible, as different people are motivated in different ways. It can be tough for Personal Trainers to cater for everyone, there are endless possibilities that you can take to further your own cardio training and make your sessions enjoyable. Do you have what it takes? You have a fondness for fitness, ambitions to make a change and an attitude that just won’t quit. You have the makings of a future fitness leader. Our popular courses relating to this blog post how to make cardio sessions fun & effective? include our personal trainer courses, gym instructor courses and the ever-popular sports massage courses. Whether you want to coach members at your local health club, lead your own studio classes or get the little people moving… a Level 2 personal training Diploma course qualification is where it all begins. All our courses are designed to give you the necessary tools to become a fully-certified fitness professional. Alternatively, via our home page, you can find personal trainer courses.