Online personal training course

How to get your personal 
training business noticed online.

Just starting or an experienced fitness professional? Either way, we’ve some great tips to get your personal training business seen online.

We know it’s not your day job but when you are your own boss you’re also your own marketing department so here are some pointers to help you find new clients without you needing to spend hours at the laptop.

The most important thing to start with is who do you want to work with? Working out who you want to work with means that you’ll be able to find your ideal clients. It’ll also help you focus your efforts in the right places. If you want to work with over 50’s, TiKTok probably isn’t going to be the best place to look for them.

Think about yourself as a Fitness professional. How are you different from your competitors? Is there a specialist population you’d like to work with? Maybe you specialise in working with people with diabetes, postnatal fitness or outdoor training. Identify what sets you apart from your local competition and use it to promote yourself.

What social media platforms should I use to promote my personal training business?

There are lots of social media platforms out there. It’s important to decide how much time you’re going to spend on them, managing your pages can become a full-time job.

Focus on no more than two or three platforms and make sure that it is used by your target audience. It’s worth signing up to all the big platforms and securing your name even if you’re not planning to use them straight away. Then if you do decide to try a new platform you’ve already got your business name secured.


Great choice as it has 42 million users in the UK alone. It’s also very flexible. As well as posting videos – which it loves at the moment, you can share updates, photos and links to other websites. You can also host private groups which is great for a PT because you can talk to your customers as a group and give them information.


As Instagram is photo (and video) based, so there are some great opportunities to promote your PT business and celebrate your client’s hard work. Don’t forget to include hashtags and keep them as specific as possible!

Instagram comes with a couple of challenges. It’s harder to keep it local, so if you’re not offering online personal training it’s going to be hard to turn non-local likes into clients. The second challenge is that you can only put a link in your bio not on a post so it’s harder to drive people to your business. Look at solutions like linktree if you have more than one location you are driving people to.


Think of LinkedIn as an online CV. You can make a business page but also focus on your personal profile and remember to include all your Focus qualifications! It’s a social media site for business mostly but it is still important that you show people your personality. They’re going to be working with you and if you’re too stuffy or dry, you won’t get their attention.

Remember to check your settings to make sure your profile, especially your picture, can be seen by everyone – and use an actual photo of you, not a logo or a cartoon. Post live videos, photos and longer chunks of text.

There’s a lot more men on LinkedIn and the main age group is between 25 and 34 years old. The search part of LinkedIn will really help you look for people in different parts of business. Good if you want to help busy business owners or maybe young professionals.

There are lots of social media platforms that you could use for promotion. We haven’t even spoken about video-based platforms such as YouTube and TikTok. The important thing is to do your research and really pin down who you want to work with and decide based on this.

Do I need a website?

Maybe not for day one but it’s worth looking at buying a domain i.e as early as possible. They usually only cost a few pounds and it can save you a headache down the line if someone else buys it first.

If you’re just starting out, you might want to use word-of-mouth or just stick to social media. But think about the future as well and see if it’s worth doing it now. Do you remember the last big thing you brought? Did you use Google to find out more about it?

With a website, you can show people what you’re all about using blogs and positive feedback. This helps people decide if they want to work with you and keeps search engines interested in the website, so you’ll be found when people are searching for your services.

What is Google my Business?

This is a free way of listing your business website so that it can be found online when someone is searching Google. You can add contact details, opening times and any other information that will help sell you. There is also an option for people to put reviews and for you to respond to them. Great for building trust.

A big part of getting yourself seen is figuring out what time and money you want to spend on it. And quality content takes time. You need to think about if, it’s worth putting out a TikTok every other day or would your time be better spent connecting with people using a quick Facebook Live update? This will be easier once you’ve got an idea of your perfect customer!

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