Confident personal trainer

How to build your confidence as a personal trainer.

Starting out in a new career can be an exciting time, but it comes with its challenges. Setting up on your own means that you might not have a team around you from day one. So how do you build your business and your confidence? We think the key to this is getting the right knowledge, support and not losing track of your passion.

Get the right skills.

It’ll come as no surprise that we recommend you get qualified in the area that you want to work in. Not only will you expand your skills and knowledge you’ll also have the credentials to back it up. A good course will teach you how to interact with clients as well as the fundamentals of fitness.

Once you have your basic qualifications in place you can then build out your knowledge and experience into different areas of training or specialist populations. As you work with clients you’ll expand your knowledge further and cement your learning with hands-on experience.

Find the right support.

On your course, you’ll likely be surrounded by people in a similar situation to you. It’s a great opportunity to learn from others and to build a support network. If you are currently working in other areas of fitness or have completed your course look for others around you that are doing things well and reach out to them. It’s great if you are able to find a mentor or someone to bounce ideas off as you grow.

Don’t forget your why.

When you started your journey to become a Personal Trainer there was something that drove you to do it. Maybe it was a desire to change your lifestyle, to help others or to share your passion for fitness. Don’t lose sight of that. When you have a confidence wobble remembering your why can help you get back on track. As you grow as a trainer your confidence will grow. Put the work in and your business will grow too. Don’t let a few nerves hold you back.