How This Personal Trainer Created a Brand to Attract Celebrity Clients.

If you were to walk past Chris Brickley in the street, you wouldn't think that he is responsible for training some of the biggest stars in Basketball, music and general pop culture. Although having the biggest stars ringing his phone 24/7 was not always the case, as he stated in a recent interview with Highsnobiety.

Brickley is a prime example of how Personal Trainers and other fitness professionals are using their passion and determination to take their training game to the next level. As a top-100 Basketball player in high school and a two-time winner of the Athlete of the Year Award, a path into a Basketball-based career was expected, but as he looked to go into player development, he still needed reputable qualifications to be able to do so.

Going on from high school, Brickley went on to the University of Mississippi, where he studied to become a qualified assistant Basketball coach. Although, it was not long before he looked beyond being an assistant coach to become the 'Player Development Co-ordinator' with the New York Knicks. This is where he began to build his wealth of knowledge and experience that he uses today.

Brickley used the opportunity brought to him at the New York Knicks to begin to build his long list of celebrity clients that he works with to this date, including names such as Russell Westbrook, James Harden and many, many more.

This is what allowed him to continue to further his career, by going after his dream career of being the Trainer to his long list of celebrity and athlete clients. His experience and list of contacts made it possible for Brickley to open BlackOps Basketball; a Personal Training service revolving around his years of experience with professional Basketball.

Although, this did not come easily, as it required him to sacrifice a good work-life balance to get to that point, with clients ringing him at all times to train.

As a sign of his work-focused lifestyle, Brickley even recalls getting a call on one of his two business phones at around 3 a.m from NBA stars who wanted to get an early start on their pre-season training as they couldn't sleep; of course, Brickley didn't turn down the call and was out of bed in a flash. This is just one of the ways he separates himself from others, as his commitment and passion are second to none.

Enes Kanter of the New York Knicks is one of Brickley's most dedicated and passionate clients out there saying about Brickley; "He's actually a good dude. It's not a player-coach relationship. It's not about making money or being famous. When you go to him, he's like a friend." and this is the main thing that makes him the NBA's go-to PT.

Chris' progression to where he is today is a prime example of the huge potential Personal Trainers have when it comes to creating a whole brand around their services and fitness sessions. Chris now not only trains the worlds biggest stars, but he also uses his exposure and clients to market his 'Color Blind' clothing brand, which has even been seen on the likes of Justin Bieber.

All of this progression should prove to be the motivation for aspiring professionals, as it is a true reminder of how quickly hard work can bring success in the fitness industry, and with the options of today's trainers, the limits of success are growing.