Fitness Instructor Course assessment

Having difficulty choosing the right training provider?

Let’s face it, there are many companies now claiming to be the ‘best, leading, most comprehensive, best value’ fitness training providers, but how do you know how to choose the right one? In our opinion you should look out for the following:
  1. Does the course you are interested in offer a nationally recognised qualification? Check that upon successful completion of the course you have a qualification that is awarded by an organisation which is approved by QCA (Qualifications and Curriculum Authority). For example, CYMCA and Active IQ are awarding bodies.
  2. Ensure that the course you choose is endorsed by REP’s (the governments' Register for Exercise Professionals).
  3. Cheapest is not always the best value! The quality of your training is crucial as opposed to just getting the qualification. A good measure of this is if the provider has gained the Adult Learning Inspectorates (ALI) Grade 1. ALI is the adult learning equivalent of OFSTED, which regulate and inspect the quality of education.
  4. Flexibility is the key. Not everyone can take a block of time away from work to complete a full-time course, therefore training providers that offer full time and flexible learning options is often the best bet. Also, in the event of illness or injury, a training provider that has many Centre’s across the UK with a good amount of training days can often provide solutions to unforeseen circumstances. If for any reason you do miss an element of the course you don’t want to be waiting months or even a year for you to catch up on your studies.
  5. A proven track record. Look for experienced providers who have trainers that have been successful in that particular field.
  6. Be wary of bogus ‘success stories’ and ‘testimonials’. Many of these are made up and include people that have not completed the courses! The type of endorsements you should look for are from employers of fitness professionals such as the major health club chains
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