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Group Training Instructors - Look After No.1!

As a gym instructor taking group classes on a daily basis, it’s easy to get stuck into a routine, which (as fit as you are!) can start to take its toll on you. Exercise is designed to be great for the body and allows us to grow stronger with every session, however, if not organised carefully could cause a regressive effect, which could have potentially damaging consequences. We are all aware of the risks that overtraining can cause the body, and yet we often seem to glaze over the equally detrimental effect it can have on our businesses. As an exercise and group training instructor, your body and your teaching skills are your business (and your income!) If your class teaching schedule and daily demands start to become unmanageable, your body, your business and your wallet will start to feel the strain. Manage Your Time Know your limits and what your body is comfortable with. The maximum number of classes you should be looking to hold per day is three. Plan into your schedule, time for both rest and further conditioning your own body. Add Variety Your class timetable needs to have enough variety in it to keep both your body and mind fresh! In modern teaching styles, it is now easier than ever to achieve this diversity, as there are so many different class styles on offer, ranging from body conditioning, cardio and the latest dance-inspired Zumba and street classes. Avoid delivering the same type of class back to back – keep it varied, balanced and comfortable. Catch Some Zzz’s Lack of rest causes fatigue, leading to poor performance. If you overexert yourself or skip the 'Me Time', your classes will suffer and attendance will drop. The last thing you want is for your class members to think your standards have slipped. Sure, you’ll have certain classes that are more popular than others and you’ll want to cater to your members by putting these on regularly. However three consecutive high-intensity classes will start off well, but by the third, will have your body feeling drained, and looking tired. You won’t inspire your members by damaging yourself with your own routines! Regular breaks will allow you to remain fresh, creative enough to keep your routines innovative, and ensure you still enjoy what you do! (If you do something enough that makes you feel exhausted, you’ll soon lose the excitement of doing it!) Lead By Example Whilst you’re teaching a class, you are a role model for each of those there to learn from you. Your enthusiasm helps your members to enjoy their workout, and your personality and teaching style keeps them coming back each week. If you’re having an off day, 30 people will have an off workout. Lose your ability to motivate them and they will quickly seek alternative classes to attend. Keep yourself fresh and alert in order to maximise your role model potential. Your business relies on you. You rely on your body. Make it a part of your planning to look after No. 1. Don't stop evolving. The fitness arena is a tough one to fight in. The most successful personal trainers don't settle. They keep developing to ensure they stay ahead of the game. Our popular Focus Training courses relating to this blog post on group training instructors - look after No.1! include our gym instructor courses, exercise referral courses, sports massage courses and the extremely popular personal trainer courses. There are a variety of ways you can now maximise the chances of yours of having a successful career in the industry. Gather a little inspiration for your next steps. All our courses are actually intended to provide you with the necessary tools to become a fully-certified fitness professional. Via our main page you can find more educational information on personal training courses.