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Grab Your Glowsticks... It's Time For Clubbercise!

A new exercise craze is sweeping the nation, as fitness enthusiasts dig out their 80's togs and grab their glowsticks, for a workout with a difference! Clubbercise has become a popular workout trend, great for getting a sweat on with friends, whilst busting out moves to your favourite dance tunes. During the 40-50 minute classes, participants are encouraged to get loud, wave their glowsticks and dance like it's Saturday night! Helen Harper runs a Clubbercise class in Southport which have taken the seaside town by storm. Helen told the Southport Visiter; "The classes have proved so popular since we started, this is our fourth week now and we've regularly had 40 people per class coming." The classes take place in the dark, with the lights coming from the numerous glowsticks worn by attendees. Think of it as a workout in a nightclub! The music played at each class is a mix of '90s classics, to the latest floor fillers. It's a combination of aerobic and street dance moves, providing high and low impact options aimed at all abilities. The addition of the glowsticks also makes for an added arm workout! It's suitable for anyone aged 16 or over, so a great option for teenagers that need a little motivation in making exercise fun. Great for older adults too, there have been reports of fitness fans aged up to 70 taking part across the UK. The trend could be one of the biggest dance fitness concepts since Zumba, which hit the fitness arena back in the '90s.
Clubbercise Co-founder Claire Burlison Green has said; "Introducing disco lights to create a nightclub atmosphere seemed obvious rather than teaching the classes in a brightly lit room, people feel a lot less self-conscious in the dark and can really let go."If this sounds like your kinda workout, book a class near you at For those that could see themselves leading a Clubbercise class, as opposed to attending one, our Exercise To Music Instructor course is the perfect step towards a choreographic career! As more people turn towards fresher, funkier and more fun ways to get their fitness kicks, you'll be equipped and ready to create fresh new ways to keep them moving! Click here to find an Exercise To Music Instructor course near you.
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