GP's Should Be Paid To Put Fat Patients On A Diet.

The National Institute of Health and Care Excellence has said that family doctors should be offered financial incentives for handing out weight loss advice.

This comes after controversial guidance which suggested up to 60% of the population should be sent to state-funded slimming classes. The new plans would see doctors paid extra for identifying overweight patients and making efforts to tackle their weight issues within three months.

GPs could be paid either for directly providing patients with weight loss advice or for referring them to weight management classes.

Tam Fry of the National Obesity Forum has said;

"Until now, GPs have been paid just to weigh patients who then get fatter and fatter - without anything being done about it."

Whilst the financial incentive will encourage GPs to go the extra mile in tackling the obesity crisis, other fitness professionals will become an increasingly key part in the battle against the bulge.

GP's will rely on specialist weight-loss, nutrition and exercise professionals to educate patients on maintaining a healthier lifestyle in a bid to shed the excess pounds. With this, will come a rise in the demand for Exercise Referral Specialists, and those qualified to train those with obesity-related illnesses such as diabetes and heart conditions.

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