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Got Your Number! Business Cards Increase Business!

As a Personal Trainer, you may not have considered the need for business cards to help generate business and build up your client base. For a number of reasons...
  • You have no room in your pockets
  • You’re one of the lucky (and clearly very good!) personal trainers that doesn’t need any more clients
  • You don’t really consider yourself as the salesperson type that warrants a business card (therefore you need to read our blog on SALESMAN)
Far from the old flimsy piece of thin card, with homemade logo (thanks to the help of Microsoft ClipArt!) consisting of your name and phone number... business cards can be a powerful selling tool to attract your potential new clients. That said, 99% of personal trainer business cards get tossed aside, put in a pile or thrown out, costing you not only time and money, but a new client to boot. So, how do you put your package on paper, and pack a punch to generate more clients for your personal training business? Here’s how...

Your Website

Adding your website to your card is a great way to keep prospects engaged, and interested. Following your initial meeting, they may go away and do a little research. A great selling tool is to point them directly to your testimonials page. By overcoming any objections they have from the get-go, you’ll increase your chances of closing the sale.

Target Hot Prospects

Hand your business cards to your hottest prospects. Not only will it help them to remember you and allow them to call you to get started, but it provides the perfect platform to showcase your services by including your website details where they can get more info. Always leave the ball in your court, and tell them you will call them. Otherwise, you’ll be hanging around waiting for the phone to ring.

Call to Action

Include a Call To Action on your business card, telling them what to do. A statement such as “Call now and let’s get you into shape!” works much better than a weak statement such as “I'm here to help you.” Your call to action could be a special offer, a discounted rate, or an offer to try out one of your programmes. Ultimately, it needs to prompt your prospects to engage with you.


You may even want to put an expiry date next to the call to action. Creating a sense of urgency will help them take action immediately, instead of filing it away in the letter rack or slipped into an overflowing wallet of cards they’ll never see again. Having a deadline will also force you to hand your cards out before they expire. If you’re wary of doling your cards out for dolings’ sake, keep a space free to write in your own deadline date to avoid trying to get rid of them before the date has passed!

Mug Shot

Not appropriate for some industries,, but for yours... absolutely! Your clients will get to see your face a lot – get them used to it, and make them remember you! Use a professional photo, not your Facebook profile pic or iPhone self-portrait!

Strong Statement

Include a statement of your goals as a business. If there’s a specific niche you target, be sure to mention them. Do you target marathon runners, the elderly, women, business owners? Having a niche is a great way to eliminate the competition and expand your client base fast. You could also promote a specific program on your business card too.

Exclusive Feel

Put VIP CODE:______ on the back of the card, and write in a code that offers them a special discount. This could be in relation to the special offer/call to action, or a discount you’re willing to offer a hot prospect you really want to work with. This gives the feel of an exclusive offer, further increasing your chances of gaining their business. Keep track of your VIP codes so that you can monitor what you’re giving away!

“I’ll Call You”

The three words most of us don’t want to hear after a first date! But the three that will weed out the genuine relationships from the commitment-phobes! Don’t waste your business cards on individuals you feel will not call you back. Take their details and contact them instead. If you’ve built up a good enough rapport, you’ll have an inkling as to whether they’re on board, or still cruising. If it’s the latter, keep on sailing... plenty more fish in the sea! Much of the theory involved with all of the personal trainer courses of ours and gym instructor courses may be completed on the web with the versatile e-learning system of ours. Our preferred Focus Training courses concerning this particular blog post on got your number! business cards increase business! include our level 2 gym instructor courses, exercise referral qualification, sports massage courses near me and the extremely popular pt courses. The other aspect of our private trainer programs are the important sensible workshops which are kept on the weekends in nationwide training locations. Via our main page you can find a lot more educational information on pt courses online.