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Focus Training... More Bang For Your Buck

Just like any other investment, when considering your personal training course options, you want to know exactly what you’ll get for your money. Sure, you’ll get a qualification in your chosen area of fitness and a certificate to prove it. Plus you’ll get some sound knowledge of exercise principles and an insight into the world of a professional personal trainer. For some, that’s exactly what they’re looking for. For others, they want the added value that will lead to a successful career in the fitness industry, backed by credible expert-led teaching and dedicated support. In simple terms, you could choose a car that gets you from A to B, for a reasonable price. Or you could go for a car that will last you for years to come, never break down so long as you look after it, direct you to where you want to go, get you there at a slick pace and have a killer playlist on the state-of-the-art sound system! So if you’re faced with the tough decision of where you’ll get the most bang for your buck, we’ve outlined exactly what you’ll get from your personal trainer course at Focus Training…

The Certification

This one’s obvious. But important nonetheless. At Focus, we don’t give out pieces of paper to anyone that shows an interest in personal training. Your certificate is earned, by you, and fully backed by us. Our certificates are recognised by REPS meaning that once qualified, you’ll have a high-quality qualification under your belt.

The Learning

You’ll learn a lot throughout your course, though you’ll find that our course materials aren’t the sort you’ll find in a dusty old textbook. We take the curriculum and mix it up to provide a variety of learning methods that won’t only help you learn more efficiently, but make it much more enjoyable too!

The Teaching

Far from lengthy lectures and reams of reading, our teaching style is much more interactive! Our courses comprise of a mixture of home study, research, written coursework and practical sessions. This ensures we cover all of the necessary material, but in a fresh and engaging way as possible!

The Experience

With 15 years of delivering personal training courses, we’ve coached over 40,000 students into a career in the fitness sector. Add to that our Ofsted results that state our teaching to be ‘outstanding’, and you can be sure we know your stuff.

The Venues

With a wide range of course venues to choose from, you won’t have to travel far to find a Focus Training venue near you. This means not only less time and expense spent on travelling but more time to enjoy your social life around your studies!

The Flexibility

Whether you want to complete your course slowly to work around social or work commitments or go at it full throttle on a full-time basis, you tell us how you work best, and we’ll plan your course around your schedule.

The Development

Our course tutors don’t just concentrate on the here and now. We like to look at the bigger picture. So, if you know where you want your personal training certification to take you, we’ll always look for ways to develop your skills further in order to get you there. Whether it’s recommending good reads, suggesting additional course modules or simply giving out a few pearls of wisdom to help you grow, we’ll ensure you get much more than a standard qualification.

The Opportunities

The difference between a high-quality certification, and a piece of paper that says you attended a course… are the opportunities available to you down the line! Our courses don’t just focus on getting you the qualification. We focus on the long-term career prospects that come with it. With a Focus Training qualification, you’ll be equipped to go on to working in high profile health club chains, managing your own personal training business, or even heading abroad to work in the sunshine. The options are endless.

The Support

Throughout your course, you’ll have some periods of home study. For many, the solitary confinement can bring on a bout of cabin fever! So we’re on hand to provide dedicated support as and when you need us. We’ll ensure we have regular catch-ups by phone, as well as being available via text, messenger, Skype, email and our student helpline in case you should have any burning questions… or just need a chat!

The Purse Strings

Forking out for a personal training course needn’t mean sacrificing your social schedule or life’s luxuries. We offer a range of finance options, allowing you to pay for your course in a number of ways. If you’d prefer to pay us back over a longer period of time, that’s fine too. Whatever your situation, we’ll work with you to find a comfortable payment plan.

The Extra Mile

We don’t just stop at creating personal trainers. For those already qualified with a Level III Personal Trainer certificate, we offer a number of further qualifications to create fitness specialists. Whether you want to work with kids, older adults, outdoors or on the gym floor, our specialist courses not only allow you to develop your skills but open up opportunities to work with a niche clientele.

The Feedback

With many teacher-student situations, we teach… you listen. With Focus, we like to be sure that our teaching methods are your cup of tea. So we welcome feedback from our students on all areas of our courses, from the course materials themselves to the way we deliver it. This way, we can tailor our teaching styles to suit what you want, not what we think you want. Because the two can be very different!


Using the latest online technology, you’ll have access to a network of materials and resources to assist you with your coursework. Further, you can easily submit your work online, meaning we can respond more quickly. Because after all that hard work, no-one likes hanging around waiting for their results! If this sounds like your kind of value for money, contact the team to discuss getting started on your fitness career! Do not stop evolving. The fitness arena is actually a tough one to participate in. Probably the most successful personal trainers do not settle. They keep developing to make sure they stay ahead of the game. Our popular courses relating to this blog post, Focus Training... more bang for your buck include our personal trainer courses, gym instructor courses, exercise referral courses and the ever-popular sports massage courses. There are a variety of ways you are able to now maximise the chances of you having a very successful career in the industry. Just collect a little inspiration for the next steps of yours. All our courses are actually intended to provide you with the essential tools to become a fully certified fitness professional. Our home page you are able to find personal trainer courses.