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The Fast Track To A Fitness Career

When it comes to studying for a career in the dynamic world of fitness, we'd always say, there's no cutting corners! Fortunately, we realise that many fitness fanatics dream of that career as a fitness professional but just don't have the time to get the qualifications under their belt. So who are we to hold back the fitness pros of the future? With our full-time Personal Trainer courses, you'll get the same high quality education, learning materials and assessments, without the need for hanging around. When studying on a full-time basis, you can look forward to becoming qualified in just four weeks. You'll study over 16 days (Monday-Thursday) over 4 weeks, on a full-time basis from 9am-5pm. This gives us plenty of time to ensure you not only complete thorough practical and theoretical assessments but also that we spend enough time with you to support your learning. The course is designed to equip you with the tools needed to meet the wide-ranging needs of a variety of clients. Upon successful completion, you will have the skills to be able to start your own Personal Training business and effectively work with clients to achieve their fitness goals. You will learn how to give advice on nutritional requirements, monitor your clients’ fitness levels and plan long-term exercise programmes. Once you've completed the course, you'll receive a CYQ Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training. Choose a course venue near you from our wide selection of Focus Training centres throughout the UK.
I'm in! What do I need?
Students must hold a Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification. If you don't already have this, fear not... we can arrange to add it to your Personal Trainer course package. For more details or to arrange fast-tracking your way to the next step in your fitness career, speak to the team at our Head Office. We'll see you sooner than you think! Personal trainer courses. You will already have a passion for fitness and a savvy for what the job of a personal trainer involves. But in order to allow that in this very busy world of fitness, you will also have to be highly analytical, persistent, organised, a good motivator and, most importantly, a great listener. You do not have to look like a bodybuilder, but you need to certainly be a role model in the lifestyle choices of yours and also have a passion for pushing boundaries. Our popular courses relating to this blog post include our personal trainer courses, gym instructor courses, exercise referral courses and the ever-popular sports massage courses. When it comes to career prospects for personal trainers, the fitness industry has opened up a whole new range of choices. Our personal training courses give you immediate support with tutors (experienced personal trainers). All our courses are actually intended to provide you with the essential tools to become a fully certified fitness professional. Via our home page, you are able to find sports massage courses, gym instructor courses, exercise referral courses and lastly personal trainer courses.