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Exercises Gone Wrong!

It can be frustrating if you’re a professional in the fitness world and see gym goers working hard, but doing the exercises wrong. Unless you’re an expert in this field, how are the fitness enthusiasts supposed to know? A recent study from revealed the top 10 exercises that people seem to struggle with. There were a total of 942 fitness professionals from all over the UK who took part in the research and when asked What are the most common exercises that you see performed incorrectly?’ the most popular answers were revealed to be:
  1. Bicep Curls (64%)
  2. Crunches (61%)
  3. Chest Press (58%)
  4. Squats (57%)
  5. Lat Pull Down (55%)
  6. The Plank (53%)
  7. Leg Press (47%)
  8. Leg Lifts (43%)
  9. Lunges (39%)
  10. Bent Over Rows (36%)
We’re actually surprised that press-ups aren’t in the top 10. The results indicated that posture and attempting to do heavier weights were the biggest reasons for performing the above exercises wrongly. Although these common exercises may seem pretty straight forward, if they are done incorrectly, it can cause an injury, which is something that you don’t want. If you’re a budding fitness fanatic and every time you see someone doing an exercise wrong, you just want to step in to show them how it should be done, how about getting in touch with Focus Training? We have a range of gym instructor and personal training courses available. We’ll guide you through the course and help to find you your perfect fitness job. Request a prospectus from us today and you can help the gym-goers how to correctly perform an exercise, as well as watching them develop in their fitness regime. Contact Focus Training today for more information about our personal training and gym instructor courses. You are going to be ready to gain employment in the fitness market as your own personal trainer working for a company, or maybe you can work self-employed. You'll want to Focus Training which has a great reputation for learning. This is important to your potential career endeavours. Our preferred Focus Training courses associated with this blog post on exercises gone wrong! include our level 2 gym instructor courses, exercise referral qualification, sports massage courses near me and the extremely popular pt courses. The registry of exercise professionals (REP) is able to propose schools which are accredited by them, such as Focus Training. You will be qualified and competent to practise as an authorized personal trainer in the UK. Via our main page, you are able to find much more informative info on pt courses online.