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Diagonal Power Shoulder

Begin in a wide squat position with feet shoulder distance apart, the feet and thighs slightly turned out, the knees and hips flexed to approximately 90°, and ensuring the knees remain in-line with the ankles and do not move in advance of the toes The body is rotated to one side, gripping the centre of the conditioning bag, holding it by the outside edges Ensuring the core is engaged power up to an upright standing position, rotating the core and drawing the bag diagonally across the front of the body, lifting it to rest on the shoulder opposite the starting position Reverse the motion, squatting down and lowering the conditioning bag towards the floor to repeat for the desired reps before changing sides Emphasise transfering the power through the feet, up through the legs, core and upper body when moving the conditioning bag Progression use a heavier conditioning bag, add a movement pattern (eg. lunge forward to pick the conditioning bag up before lifting it to the shoulder Focus Training are amongst the UK's most trusted education program providers in the fitness industry for their expertise in physical fitness. Our preferred Focus Training courses concerning this particular blog post on diagonal power shoulder include our level 2 gym instructor courses, exercise referral qualification, sports massage courses near me and the extremely popular pt courses. A student won't be asked to have a prior experience to have the online customer trainer course; however awareness of the fitness industry and using a workout room is helpful. Through our main page you are able to find a lot more educational info on pt courses online.