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Celebrity Diet Fails of 2015

The British Dietetic Association has revealed its annual list of the worst diets. This year, we've heard everything from Bone Broth to Buttered Coffee (really?!), endorsed by celebs as quick-fix ways to win the war on weight. Sian Porter, consultant dietitian and spokesperson for the BDA, said: “When people need medical advice, they go to their GP – and when people have a toothache, they go to their dentist. But some people will believe almost anything and anyone when it comes to nutrition, food and diet.” As the nation commits to New Year’s resolutions for a healthier 2016, there’ll no doubt be plenty of celebrity-inspired diet trends and unusual eats making an appearance this year. Though, as our Personal Trainer students will agree, there is no fast track to fitness. Not all diets are created equally, every person needs a certain amount of food each day to maintain a healthy weight. So what works for a celebrity, doesn't necessarily work for the rest of us! So, here are the eating regimes which made the BDA’s worst diets of 2015, and certainly shouldn't be making it into your plans for 2016… 1. The Sugar-Free Diet Celebrity fans: Tom Hanks and Sam Smith have reportedly followed this form of 'diet'. What’s it all about? Cutting out all types of sugar (and often carbohydrates, too) from your meals. What do we think? Whilst we're encouraged to approach refined sugar with caution, cutting out all sugars means dodging some great foods too, such as fruits, vegetables, dairy and nuts - all essential for a healthy diet. This not only makes for a pretty boring meal plan but an ineffective attempt at 'healthy eating'. 2. The Kale and Chewing Gum Diet Celebrity fans: Jake Gyllenhaal reportedly followed this regime to lose weight for a film role. What’s it all about? Well, not much really! Other than a diet of kale salad and chewing gum. What do we think? This is one of the most extreme diets out there. The body isn't made to survive on such a small amount of food. Not only will this leave you hungry, but lacking in essential nutrients, and potentially harming yourself. Kale is great, though best served with a little more accompaniment than a stick of minty fresh gum! 3. The Bulletproof Coffee Celebrity fans: One Direction’s Harry Styles likes his coffee 'Bulletproof'! What’s it all about? This unusual diet plan involves supping a daily 'Bulletproof' coffee (containing around 400 calories.) The calories are crammed in thanks to the addition of... wait for it... butter and oil. Meals are then restricted to specific times throughout the day. What do we think? Taking in over 400 calories from one-morning cuppa provides energy, but very little nutrients. You'd get the same calorie intake with bags more nutritional value from a bowl of fruit with yoghurt, poached eggs on toast or a fruit smoothie to get you going in the morning. 4. The Super Elixir Celebrity fans: Elle McPherson, Kate Moss and Nick Grimshaw What’s it all about? The ‘Super Elixir’ is a food supplement aiming to change body tissue from acidic to alkaline. The green powder, which can be sprinkled over salads or mixed into juices and smoothies, claims to support healthy nutrition and ensure your body is working to its optimum function. It contains over 45 ingredients including a number of powdered fruits and vegetables, sweeteners, several Chinese herbs and some digestive enzymes. The recommended dose is 2 teaspoons (10g) per day, meaning a month’s supply will set you back £96 for 300g. What do we think? You could purchase powdered fruits and vegetables for £96 per month, or simply whip up some delicious fresh greens for much less, with double the nutritional benefits! Our bodies are naturally capable of regulating acidity levels, so it doesn't need processed powders to do it for us. 5. Trim Secrets Celebrity fans: Baroness Michelle Mone, OBE, founder of lingerie brand Ultimo and life peer in the House of Lords, established Trim Secrets with a Scottish naturopath. Chanelle Hayes ( of Big Brother fame) has reportedly also followed this ‘diet’. What’s it all about? Trim Secrets is a pill which claims to suppress appetite whilst boosting the metabolism. It comes with a diet plan including a balanced diet of 1500 calories per day along with a Trim Secrets capsule taken three times a day. What do we think? Anyone living on just 1500 calories a day should eventually lose weight as the body needs much more to function effectively. We're not quite sure what benefits the pill brings to the mix, but as it includes guarana, (high in caffeine), yet claims to be caffeine-free, it's worth doing your research before popping anything into your body you're unsure about! 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