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fitness benefits in older age

Being Active in Your Teens & Twenties Benefits You For Life

It is commonly thought that working out and staying active in your younger years doesn’t have much of a benefit on your wellbeing as you get older. Now, a recent study that has been published in the journal Frontiers of Physiology has shown that working out and staying active to build healthy muscles can actually […]

fitness for alzheimers

How Fitness & Personal Training Can Help Combat Alzheimer’s

As more research on health and fitness comes to light, there are constantly new findings that open up opportunities for finding out more about health problems and how the public and health professionals can help combat them. Now, a study has brought to light the potential that exercise can have for reducing the chance of […]

benefits of fitness for disabilities

Why Exercise is Growing in Importance for Those With Physical Disabilities

As we enter a fitness-focused world, more of the benefits of exercise are coming to light. One area of fitness that is massively important is fitness for disabled people, as disabled people are overall less active, even though the risk of health problems from inactivity are the same as those without disabilities. Down to the huge […]

diet for better mental health

Healthy Diet is Shown to Ease Symptoms of Depression

In the past, there has been an argument about whether making changes to your diet can help make you happier and have better mental health, with the benefits of exercise on mental health being clear. Down to this, more research has been invested to see if there is, in fact, a correlation between someone’s diet […]

running extends lifespan

How 30 Minutes of Exercise Can Extend Your Lifespan

It is no secret that the modern working lifestyle can bring around various health and fitness problems, with office jobs meaning that the general public is much less active than they need to be. Although some people make up for this by working out before or after office hours, some people can find it hard […]

fun cardio session

How to make cardio sessions fun & effective

When it comes to training, the majority of people focus on weight focused workouts, as this is what it takes to tone up and get the aesthetics that people want. Although weight based workouts have many benefits, such as improving muscle and heart strength, cardio is still essential to keep fit and make sure your […]

benefits of kids fitness

Children’s Mental Health Week – Benefits of Exercise on Kids’ Mental Health

As it is Children’s Mental Health Week, we saw it fit that we focused on the huge importance of exercise for children, particularly on their mental health, with experts stating that exercise can help children build confidence, manage anxiety, and increase their self-esteem. With 10% of children having a clinically diagnosable mental health problem, the […]

six nations fitness recovery

4 Steps the Six Nations Teams Take in Their Recovery

With the Six Nations being on this weekend, the UK has come together to support their teams as they go into battle. It is known by all who know the game that Rugby, especially the Six Nations is one of the toughest competitions on earth, with athletes putting their bodies on the line and pushing […]

older adult fitness reasons

Why Older Adults Should Pick up Fitness & Consider a Personal Trainer

It is no secret that as we age, our bodies and minds need to be looked after more than ever. This is down to the body naturally bringing us problems and our minds becoming less active than previously. As new research comes to light, there is becoming more of a focus on Older Adult fitness […]

popular forms of exercise

3 Rapidly Growing Areas of Fitness

As the fitness industry continues to grow at a rapid rate, Personal Trainers and fitness lovers, in general, are looking to delve into new areas of fitness that were previously untouched by anyone other than the experts. The growth of the fitness industry has made it possible for Personal Trainers to become qualified in these […]



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